Monday, November 04, 2019

November is Nifty

Really lame title.

But I am a busy girl, and sitting at the desk staring into space thinking of the perfect heading is not going to happen today.

Culture Crash

Threw myself into November with the opening of "Culture Crash" A joyful and bright exhibition of work by myself, Gabby Malpas, and John Klein. It explores our personal interpretation of new cultures becoming part of the Australian environment.

The show runs until the end of the week.

Catalogues are available online

We have all had a marvellous time with the opening and artist talk being well attended and sponsored by Young Henrys. Also a big thankyou to Claudia Chan Shaw for opening and a great radio interview at Eastside Radio

Back in Balmain

Straight After Culture Crash, it will be time for a Pop Up Show at The Balmain Space, organised by Breathing Colours. Exhibiting a small body of work with my very good friend and very very good artist Julie Simmons; we are delighted to be exhibiting back in Balmain where we have made such a lot of new friends.

"Back To Balmain"

Dates: 18 November - 7 December

At Balmain Space, 79 Beattie Street, Balmain

Hours 9am - 6pm, Monday to Saturday

Opening Night 4-6pm Saturday 23 November

International Group Show

How exciting. I am part of a BIG group show being held by 19 Karen Contemporary Artspace featuring a handpicked selection of artists from around the world.


November 30 - January 30

My works are below and are available:

Nasturtium Party 1
More info
Nasturtium Party 2
More info
Nasturtium Party 3
More info

Have a lovely November.


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