Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Twas the Week before Christmas...

Breathing  Colours Gallery
Ok, now its the day before Christmas and I have just finished a breakfast of jelly and custard - couldnt waste it - it was left over from the trifle I needed to make.

Its been a very social week - you must forgive me for no new works to show you. I have shed a tear after visiting my lovely students at their centres, as I am not taking the clay disability classes next year. I will miss them.

Breathing Colours Gallery had an opening that I simply had to attend on my way to a friend's birthday party. Pictured are Julie Simmons, Patricia Devine and Robin Hill.

19 Karen Contemporary Art Space
My paintings & glass sculpture by Andrea Fiebig
Also had work newly hung at 19 Karen Contemporary Artspace. Unfortunately I wont be able to visit the Gold Coast anytime soon, so my paintings will have to do.
19 Karen Contemporary Artspace
sculpture 'Signs of Life' by Amanda Shelsher

 Wishing you and yours a wonderful end to the year. I will wish you a Merry Christmas - no matter your belief, I wish to bless you from my own traditions and faith.

Looking forward to what 2015 has to offer!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Its Beginning to Look A Lot Like.. The Middle of December

 Yes I know Christmas is around the corner, and I actually enjoyed an afternoon in the shops on Tuesday afternoon - went to Westfields in Hornsby and wandered about trying on perfume and hand creme (for no other reason than I wanted to) and picked up a few gifts for loved ones. But, there are daughters who are moving house / planning overseas trips & or weddings, dogs and cats that need to be fed and paintings in my soul that wish to be created!

Had an exciting delivery on Monday. Yes I know it looks like a pile of boxes but inside are 30 canvasses! Art Scene is one of my suppliers and as it was their sale week - what an opportunity not to miss. I adore the thrill of new projects.

Still had to battle summer storms whilst driving to and fro. On Thursday, artist-friend Julie Simmons and I braved the elements to attend "Into The Light" a joint exhibition featuring the luscious paintings of Richard Claremont and the peaceful clarity of Jane Canfield. Held at 2 Danks Street Waterloo, I recommend a visit!

Richard Claremont, Kristine Ballard & Julie Simmons

I was SO inspired after that night, I just wanted to PAINT. But life still needed attending to and I went to the office instead. On my gallery duty day at Ferry Artists Gallery I did paint a coffee cup, .... because I could. And later that day finished "Flying Home" 

"Flying Home" Acrylic 24" x 60"

I have also started new works that I cant wait to get back to

Underpaintings and a coffee cup!

This coming week sees an Opening at Breathing Colours Gallery

and there is also the under $600 show on at Purple Noon Gallery as well as new works arriving at 19Karen Contemporary Artspace.

Links to the galleries on THISPAGE

Have a good week!

Monday, December 08, 2014

Out & About in the Rain

It has been a very wet week. My empty wetlands have filled up and my little dog is a nervous wreck from all the thunderstorms. I quite like storms - they are a respite from the heat. But they aren't much fun when you have to drive in them, and when you want to hold an exhibition, it will definitely put a dampener on the festivities.
"Sturt's Desert Pea", Acrylic on Canvas 12" sq
I delivered some paintings to the framers to be made ready for delivery to 19 Karen Contemporary Artspace on theGold Coast.  Hopefully by next week! I also managed to finish 3 more works.

"Haredenbergia" Acrylic on Canvas, 12" square

 The Blacktown Art Prize opened on Friday. The Arts Centre looked fabulous, and there are some very good works there. I recommend a visit. It was lovely to catch up with a few artist friends also.

Julie Simmons, who had her work acquired by Blacktown City Countil
Mum and I in front of my painting "Sanctuary"

There is a lovely 150 year old church (St.James) in Pitt Town, not far from where I live. When I heard they were putting on an art show, I wanted to be part of it as a ''local artist" The show was just on for the Saturday and the church looked marvelous. I had both prints and paintings exhibited, it was beautiful to see my colours mirrored in the stained glass windows of the church. 

Printmaker Sheila Sharp and I setting up a display

Sandstone & Stained Glass.. and my paintings

Purple Noon Gallery also opened a show on the Saturday. All works under $600 and I made quite a wishlist in my head of cushions, jewelery and exquisite little etchings. But boy did it RAIN. Never a good thing to happen during an opening, tends to keep people away, but it was a very nice evening nonetheless. Go check out the show!
Purple Noon Gallery, Paintings and Cushions

And here are some very nice pieces of jewelry, with some little canvasses by Yours Truly.
 Have a good week everyone. I wonder if we will get rain every day like last week...The watertank must be nearly full by now!

"Domicile" Acrylic on Canvas, 40"x30"

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Paintings & Parties

Delivered work to Lavender Bay Gallery for the Christmas 9x5 Show. I was planning a linocut amongst the paintings, but time got the best of me.
Should be a good show. Here is one of my works: "On Solid Ground"

The Hawkesbury Artists & Artisans Trail held their Annual General Meeting, at which I was very pleased that all positions were filled quickly and by most competent folk.

And although I missed attending the opening of the Royal Art Society's show on Friday, I managed to attend The Ferry Artist's Christmas show as well as popping into Penelope Oates' first solo show that is being shown at Sassafras Creek, Kurrajong. All great shows and well worth a visit!

Artist Penelope Oates

I also managed to finish SEVEN paintings! After bellyaching about not being able to finish work the last few weeks, the unfinished managed to be completed after a few extra early mornings in the studio. I am so fulfilled right now!

Some are going to 19Karen Contemporary Artspace on the Goldcoast - click on link to see the works. A couple have gone to Breathing Colours Gallery in Balmain, and the two birds are off to Purple Noon Gallery for the Christmas Show that opens Saturday 6th. Oh and one is a possible commission - just need to paint the 2nd version.

 So the coming week (that we are already into!) promises a couple more exhibition openings:

The Blacktown Art Prize, opening Friday 5th

Purple Noon Gallery Christmas Show, opening Saturday 6th

Have a lovely week!

Artist Ulla Abildgaard & myself at Ferry Artists Gallery

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Todays blog is only entitled such because we in Sydney have been having some pretty hot days lately. I WISH it was because I have been producing a lot of work. Soon, soon..

Brush Turkey

Took a few works to the new visitor centre at Ku-Ring-Gai Wildflower Gardens this week. I look forward to getting some plein air work done there.

Wednesday night saw me with the artists of Drummoyne Art Society for a painting demonstration.
Demonstration works 
I had also just found out I was a finalist at the Blacktown Art Show (one out of 2 entered), so I was on a bit of a high.

Christmas prints with my group in Richmond. We drew in foam sheets, rolled them up in ink and printed. We plan to hang them as bunting to decorate the centre.

Drypoint on foam plates
Spent a hot Friday at The Ferry Artists Gallery. Hooray for Air conditioning! It was understandably quiet, but I got some work done.

Works drying
Saturday after picking up the one rejected painting from Blactown, I popped in to have lunch with the Hawkesbury Printmakers at their get together at the picturesque studio of Greg Hansell. I was extremely envious of Greg's platen press. "Press Envy" I'm sure that's a thing.

The inking table

Joy Myers Creed at the press
Sunday was sweltering, but church is airconditioned - Hallelujah! It was a great day actually. My daughter's engagement was announced (13 weeks to plan a wedding gulp!). Very exciting.

 I also visited the studio of Julie Simmons and also saw another artist friend Judy Brownlie to collect their works for me to deliver to a coming show.

Julie at her beautifully displayed studio

So, what does the coming week hold?

Opening of the 9x5 exhibition at Lavender Bay Gallery, Royal Art Society

The Ferry Artist Gallery also has a show opening.

 AND I will finish some paintings!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Opal and the Axe

Had a wedding anniversary this week. We both chose our presents - apart from being very pleased with mine! - how lovely that they are both handcrafted pieces from Sydney craftsmen.
An opal and silver ring from jeweller Rachelle Juter, and a tomahawk made from a railway spike from blacksmith Wayne Wagstaff.

Picked up unsold paintings from Balmain Art & Craft Fair (sold one!). I hear they were pretty happy with the show. Also had more works framed at The Art Scene for some coming shows.

Delivered work to Blacktown Art Prize in Friday's 43 C degree heat. Will have to wait and see if they are accepted. I also delivered finalist work to the Hornsby Art Prize on the Sunday.

Patricia Devine with her work (on wall)

I was an official person of importance on Saturday night. Was very honoured to be asked to open the exhibition of lovely artist friends (including my mother). I hope my speech wasnt too vague. I go into performance mode and end up  not remembering a word that I said. It is a great show and is currently on at Purple Noon Gallery.

I managed to get a little painting done - most dissatisfied that I havent finished one for a couple of weeks. I suppose I have had a visitor from Overseas, so thats some sort of excuse.

Works currently in progress

Coming up:

Demonstration of painting at Drummoyne Art Society Wednesday 19 November, 7.30pm

Hornsby Art Prize Opens

Ku-Ring-Gai Wildflower Gardens Visitors Centre Opens

North Shore Craft Group Christmas Show (I dont have work there this year, but always great show!)

ASMA Miniature Exhibition opens at Salerno Gallery, (again, I dont have work here, but I AM the publicity officer so I'd best mention it! Im looking forward to visiting,)

Just to remind you of the coming season!
Centrepiece made by one of  my classes at Community Arts Workshop

Monday, November 10, 2014

Inspired and Being Inspiring

Do you find it hard to be inspired? Don't know what to paint? Just look around you and force yourself to SEE something of interest in your immediate "landscape". Be it the pile of unfolded washing (it'll get done eventually), or the messy corner of your garden. I have been watching a friend's daily "Plein Air Challenge" - see Julie Simmons, and you really can get some great subjects by not trying too hard for the '''perfect one"

I myself keep a huge list of ideas. And an even huger collection of photos on my computer. And so many unstarted series in my head! Maybe that is why I can appear so vague at times.

I have managed to paint - actually finished another piece. - Back into my "Hillside" series - this one is Number 29! I am working very hard to try and get some fresh new works into my galleries in Queensland (19 Karen Contemporary Artspace) and Melbourne (Tusk). The problem (and it certainly isn't a problem!) is that Ive been selling very well - I will try and not offer for sale the new pieces until they get delivered!
Unfinished canvasses
Hillside 29

Suzanne Curtis

I popped into Breathing Colours, Balmain during the week - love the new show they have on at the moment! "Heading South" with Suzanne Curtis.

The Balmain Art & Craft Show was also held this week - happy to have sold work there again.

Had a HUGE weekend at Little River Art Studios, Grose Wold. (this is where I got to be inspiring). Took a dozen artists/students on a colourful journey of brush strokes and vivid colour. I loved so many of the works that were produced. Was a great time catching up with friends and making new ones. EXHAUSTED on the Sunday night (and all of Monday if truth be told).

Fabulous work by everyone
 Coming up,

 I am proud to say my mother Patricia Devine and some other lovely artist friends are having an exhibition at Purple Noon Gallery - opens this Saturday.

Monday, November 03, 2014

The pitfalls of "Last Minute"

A dire heading I know, but it seems I had spend all of the week trying to catch up to things, and getting things wrong probably due to haste. A good lesson to have from time to time.

It was mainly the stress of getting my paperwork in order to send to the accountant for the end of financial year deadline, PLUS the quarterly GST that was due early in the week. I had a program that wasnt working for me too well - I need to change back to one I am more familiar with. I also lost my passwords etc which was a bit of a hindrance!

The other last minute vexation was in not reading an entry form correctly and getting my framing wrong. Printed, hand coloured, framed and posted the works during a heatwave in time for deadline, only to find out my mistake later.

Anyway, most of the week was rather brilliant regardless. I had a visitor to the studio who bought a framed wood engraving for a special gift. I played art judge & critic for the Hawkesbury Camera Club, and I found out I am a finalist in the Hornsby Art Awards.

Hawkesbury Camera Club

I also managed to paint, pick up and deliver works from various events, and did a days duty at the Ferry Artists Gallery.
Ferry Artists Gallery

Macquarie Towns Arts Society at Pitt Town Sporting Club

Coming up is a weekend workshop in Grose Wold NSW and the Balmain Art & Craft Show. My motherinlaw is also visiting from the USA, so I look forward to some social time.

Wonderful clay creations from my disability class

Works in Progress - Watch this space!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Smiling Faces

Delivery day to Ryde Art Society Exhibition on Monday. I had only just finished varnishing and edging one of the paintings the night before - not something I recommend making a habit of! Luckily the stress paid off because it sold before the opening and I also won 1st prize in the Acrylic section.

Another last minute painting - "Magnolia" was finished in time to deliver to St.Thomas Art & Craft Fair, fortunate indeed because I also sold this one!

"Magnolia" Acrylic on Canvas 60cm sq
One evening was spent planning the next dozen paintings - I went through my collection of bush walking & bird photos, making thumbnail sketches of composition, tone and canvas format. Excited to get started!

After Thursday's clay workshop I visited Purple Noon to pick up some framed works for the coming Balmain show. I also revisited the current show and had a better look at the work of one of my favourite artists - Carl Stringfellow.

Friday saw me at The Art Scene picking up yet more framed work. I also picked up some smaller canvasses for some future projects. Then onto Balmain to deliver for the coming Balmain Art & Craft Show. Met up with fellow artist Elaine Foulsham.
Elaine with one of her works

Whilst in Balmain, I couldnt resist popping in and saying hallo to Petrea at Breathing Colours and seeing what was new on the wall. Robin has just told me there is a sale on some lovely indigenous art. Here is the link. Also checked out potential space in Birchgrove for me to hold some painting / printmaking workshops.

Painting by Minnie Pwerle

Opening night at Ryde Art Awards
Friday night time to refresh the lipstick and go to the the Art Awards at Cox's Community Centre for Ryde Art Society. Picked up my award and enjoyed the company of artists and art lovers. Its a great show which I recommend a visit to. (finishes this Friday afternoon).
Another unfinished portrait for the collection

Kristine Ballard & Peter Griffen
Kristine Ballard's "Cangiante"
Saturday was the monthly portrait day at the Hawkesbury Community Arts Workshop. The lovely Donna was our model. A quick lunch with Mum and we then went into Newtown to see Kristine Ballard's exhibition "Cangiante"  Rich luscious colour from an accomplished artist!

Sunday was sedate in comparison: my imagination filled with visions of Heaven after a rousing church morning sermon; reading my daughter's comic books - "Saga" capturing my attention, and eventually having to get back into the car to pick up unsold works from St.Thomas in Willoughby,

Ok, next up?

Shows still on:

Ryde Art Show

Fairfield Art Show

and next week

Balmain Art & Craft Show

and my weekend workshop - I think there are still a couple of places - give them a call/email.