Monday, November 16, 2015

Can't Be Everywhere... But I Try

I must write that title on the fridge... Much better to think of what I am achieving that what I am unable to get round to.

Actually Ive had a great couple of weeks. Out of 3 events the other Friday night, I chose to go to the Opening of the Fisher's Ghost Art Award. What a great turn out - there wasnt enough room to hear the actual announcements so a PA system was set up - unfortunately the noise of the crowd was such I wasn't able to hear who won (obviously not me ;). A really good show and I recommend a visit to Campbelltown to see it. Click the link to see the list of winners.

While you are on the computer - have a look at another show that opened that night - The Eutick Memorial Still Life Award at The Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery. Here is a link to the finalists. I missed the Balmain Art & Craft Show, the pictures I saw looked pretty fabulous.

The garden of sculptor Ulric Steiner

I went on the Arcadian Artists trail and enjoyed visiting every venue. I also managed to meet up with many artists who either were on the trail or in it.

I presided over a meeting for the Ferry Artists, and on the weekend I tutored a workshop on fabric printing with linoleum blocks. I'd forgotten how much fun that is and I would really like to get printing in earnest again.

Things I didnt do.. 
Unable to attend North Shore Craft Group's Meeting and will not be able to exhibit with them in a couple of weeks due to no time and no work available. I didnt get to Greg Hansell's Open Studio in Windsor , also wouldnt have minded going to an opening in Katoomba Gallery ONE88. Missed an opening at Breathing Colours with Peter Griffen and Denise Lithgow. Ajewellry party was had without me at Mette Haulrik's and I wont be able to attend every service with a visiting evangelist Pr Patrick Johnson at my beloved church Potters House Parramatta

Still managing to be super busy as usual - but I have finished some projects and worked on others as well.

Some works on the go

Also, there is one more week to see mine and Taryn Malzards Show at Sassafras Creek Kurrajong.
Hope you get to be creative this week!

Digital work, soon to be painted

Reworked portrait of artist Jenny Lloyd, Acrylic & Oil Pastel

Reworked plein air sketch. "Secret Nasturtiums" Mixed Media 17 x 22cm

Sunday, November 01, 2015

November No Way

Interactive scratching at Sassafras Creek Restaurant

Yep, the new month has taken me by surprise. there I was steadily working away, and the realization hits me that the year is on its last legs. Better make the best of it then!

The Opening of mine and Taryn Malzard's show at Sassafras Creek, Kurrajong, went well - some sales, lots of visitors and as it will still be on until end of November, I am confident in its success.

Made it to Portrait Day at Hawkesbury Community Arts Workshop. Tried to portray young Jasmine - as usual didn't finish the work.

Speaking of finishing work - I counted up the canvasses in the studio and I have EIGHTEEN to finish. And that doesn't count various print blocks drawn up ready for carving, and the portraits & plein air sketches I mean to work on. I challenge myself to get something done before I start anything new!

Coming up this week - 3 events that I have work in and want to go to but cant as they are all on at the same time.

Balmain Art & Craft Show

Fishers Ghost Art Award, Cambelltown Regional Gallery

Eutick Memorial Still Life Award, Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery

Have a lovely November!

"Black Tie"
Scraperboard etching