Thursday, August 20, 2015


I am quickly writing this blog before a big weekend  - The Hawkesbury Artists and Artisans Trail are having their Open Studio Weekend - (for the next 2 weekends). I wont be opening my studio as it is just out of the area - but I am "moving in" to the studio of Taryn Malzard over at Grose Wold. I am looking forward to it - lots of people to talk to, lovely arts and crafts and the weather is particularly glorious at the moment... (mind you we did buy tank water yesterday so that might jinx it and cause rain!).

The ladies in my family all went to see the musical "Matilda" at the Lyric Theatre Sydney last week. It was fabulous. I wasnt sure what to expect - not usually a fan of lots of children (that I dont know) dancing about (must still be affected by my early years of ballet etc.), but these performers were FANTASTIC. I particularly loved the choreography and the writing. The adult actors were pretty good too.

My fabulous daughters enhancing the poster

The Ferry Artists Gallery opened their exhibition last Saturday - Really nicely put together show. I wore my newly purchased Black Milk pencil print leggings to celebrate the occasion. And then they asked me to open the exhibition. I obliged. I felt suitably colourful enough to perform for the occasion.

I used to be very shy - you get older and you stop caring, that s what my mother always said.
After that performance shot - here is one without me in it - I gave a painting demo for The Friends Art Group in Ryde. I took a quick pic from the back - Im always amazed at how much better everything looks from far away.

Another fabulous show - "A Brush with Japan" at the Gosford Regional Gallery. As a member of the Australian Society for Miniature Art (NSW) I was able to have a couple of pieces on the wall. If you are in/near Gosford, I recommend a visit to that lovely gallery - and the exhibition of Peter Smeeth's portraits are marvelous.
At Gosford Regional. My two teeny weeny pieces.

I have managed some paintings - the most recent one being of teabags. Yes, teabags - all used and squeezed and dried up. My mother Patricia Devine saves them for her wonderful mixed media works. Ive been threatening to paint her little bowl of dead bags for ages now. Finally achieved.

"The Collection" 30 cm square

"Protected" 61 x 76cm

Studio shot of "Omniscience" 76 x 183cm

Now, back to the coming weekend. I am a bit spoilt being represented at 3 venues:

Purple Noon Gallery - Now serving coffee and cake on the weekends so you can pop in and be refreshed!

Little River Art Studios - Fabulous venue for workshops. You can visit and see demos, artwork, and just enjoy the bucolic atmosphere situated next to the Grose River.

The Old Schoolhouse - The studio of Taryn Malzard. I will be here too! Both in artwork and in person. I will be painting one of my landscapes as an informal demonstration.Wayne Wagstaff, blacksmith with be there also, demonstrating his skills.

And there are many other venues to visit - here is the trail map. Check out the website for more details.

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

In the Pink

Didnt even comb my hair for the photo
First of all, I have pink highlights in my hair. Makes for a good heading don't you think ....HORRIBLE PUN, eek.

A couple of paintings this week - I really have to get organised for a coming show in September.

"Looking For a Sword" Acrylic 76cm square

"Palisade" 76cm square acrylic

I'm off tonight to do a painting demonstration for Castle Hill Art Society. Took me most of last night to decide what I was going to paint - not too simple, not too hard (I need time, privacy and a tremendous amount of tea for challenges). I may change my mind at the last minute.

Coming up:

"A Brush With Japan"Australian Society of Miniature Art (NSW) will be having a show at The Gosford Regional Gallery - opens this Saturday.

"Abstract Express" at The Ferry Artists Gallery opening Saturday 15th August.