Monday, February 04, 2019

Best of 2018 - Results are in!

Thankyou to those who took part in my poll where I was interested to know YOUR favourite works that I created in 2018.

Here they are  - in order of popularity:

"Hillside 32"





125 x 125cm
Available from
19 Karen Contemporary Artspace

"Chasing The Winter Sun"


"Where I Saw Pardalotes"

80 x 80cm
Available from Thom Gallery


95 x 95 cm
Available from Purple Noon Gallery


66 x 66 cm
Available from Rochfort Gallery

"I Meditate upon the Mountain Trail"


"Beyond The Blue Hills"


"The Afternoon Slipped Away"


Most interesting that they were all landscapes - many florals were painting in 2018 also, and popular with sales; but my love of local Hawkesbury landscape must show through.