Friday, January 11, 2013

Wood Block on an Etching Press

For some time I have been registering a multiple block using an old picture frame - the block would rest inside the left hand corner and the paper edge lined up with the outside of the frame. I found this worked quite well if I was extremely careful..and I was often hand printing with lighter papers.

I print my lino & woodcuts on the etching press using an old commercial printers rubber blanket instead of the wool and felt blankets (unless I want deep embossing). However, when I went to print the thicker blocks - like those used with wood engraving, I needed to  add some carrier blocks on either side to help absorb some of the pressure from the roller - protecting both press and carved block.

Registration posed a problem until I came across John Steins' Website . Here is what I delightedly made with my newly purchased jigsaw!

So simple. I did find the rubber blanket was a little soft - it pressed into the finer details which had a tendency to fill in with ink. So I used a piece of matboard instead.

Please visit this page on John Steins site for further details.

Proof of "Mrs Wren" 2 block wood engraving

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Terry Sargent Peart said...

Great little bird print, too.