Friday, February 19, 2010


 Becky hard at work

Here we are not so hard at work
Finally, here is panel #4 done (the first panel completed) It took a lot longer, because of lack of time and helpers (thankyou to Becky who did half of it!). Have to wait for my techical help before I grout it. We need to find out where the screws will be approximately when it is screwed into the wall studs.

The next panel is already started, and I have more people working on it. Next problem is how to keep it consistent with different mosaicists.

Monday, February 15, 2010


 "The Walk North"
Oil on Canvas

Quick sketch of landscape in thin acrylic

Blocking in colour

More lights and darks

The Finished image, I kept it quite 'blocky' liking the shapes and colour movement.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


   "Brush Turkey"
Mixed Media (Print collage & textured paper on Hot Pressed Watercolour Paper, & Acrylic)
24" high x 12" wide

After collage has dried, block in areas with dark wash of acrylic

Adding more darks, developing image

Bringing in light areas
Lost my turkey, gotta go find him again.

I like bringing warmth into the painting.

There he is - shame, just after I started to paint him, the real brush turkey went away. Probably not a good place to start a nest/mound.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010


  My team of helpers has been quite small - me actually. So progress is slow.
I have started on panel #3 of 6 so we can install from the middle out.

Looking extremely abstract at the moment, but I am hoping it will turn out... Cant wait to finish this one and grout it!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Wonga Crossing

 The fabulous Wonga Pigeon is seen occasionally wandering about the place - much prefers to walk than fly. Here are some pics of the different stages of this painting.

Mixed Media  (Printed & Paper collage, Acrylic) on 300gsm Hot Pressed Paper (Fabriano)

The Finished work, 24" high x 12" wide

 SUCH a long time sorting out those tiles (58 colours!) Thankyou to an ample supply of takeaway food boxes. Since I bought from 3 different suppliers, they all had to have new code numbers assigned, so alot of work there.

So many pretty colours!

All safely boxed up

I finally started yesterday. After sealing the sheets of fibre cement, I tentatively started the bottom part of the mural. I usually like to start in the middle, but because I was not sure of the measurements and I had an exact grid to work by I had to start at the waterline of the design. (So it will line up on all the panels).

Lucky I did, as I had a made a miscalculation with the mosaic program sizes. I will have to widen the design somewhat by cutting some of the tiles. - This will add size by the spaces in between the pieces. And look better too in my opinion!

Its a start!