Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Beginning and The End

Actually I write this at the beginning of 2016 when I meant to write it at the end of 2015. But the years meld so well together these days, its not going matter!

"Cicada Landscape" 61 x 152 cm acrylic, January 2015

2015 for me was a memorable year. It held for me the death of a friend, the birth of a niece and the wedding of a daughter. I thank God for His unending grace and His myriad blessings.

I have been very fortunate & successful in continuing my arts practice, with many group shows, sales & teaching gigs. Although I told myself to take a rest and have no solo shows, I took on no less than 3 duet shows, which are probably just as busy as solos! I also had works travel to Italy for a group show in Rome. Seventy-two assorted paintings drawings and prints created

As well as a continued great relationship with my galleries, I joined with 2 more. - Paper Pear gallery in Wagga Wagga, and Manyung Gallery in Melbourne. And all the galleries I am involved with have blessed me with sales. It is interesting to note that in a time when many galleries have closed down, and artists haved needed to move on to use self promoting websites, I have come to rely on the "bricks & mortar" businesses that have endured.

I took on a temporary title - President of the Ferry Artists Gallery. This is a community run gallery in Wisemans Ferry - a great and talented group of people. I personally think that the rest of the committee does the real work, and I just swan in and make the occasional speech, but I am honored that they want me to help out.

Another honor - and this is a personal milestone - was to be elevated to Associate at the Royal Art Society of NSW. I even get to put letters at the end of my name!

In 2016 I am available as a tutor in Acrylics at The Art School, Royal Art Society, Lavender Bay - Wednesdays. Term 1 starts 25 January for 10 weeks.
To book a place please call or email, 9955 5752. During the holiday break you can contact me for details if you like.

So, here's to a brilliant year ahead! I wish you health, good fortune and joy.

Mellissa Read-Devine ARAS

"Breathing Space" 92 x 167cm acrylic,  December 2015

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

A Change is as Good as a Holiday

October was a long month for me, so in direct contrast, November whizzed by and is now gone!

I also feel like I finally succumbed to the post exhibition fugue that Ive been avoiding for sometime. But its been recuperative of sorts, the unfinished paintings and prints have been waiting patiently for me as I played with clay, gardened and started to clean out several years worth of household detritus.

 Here is a glimpse into a fab weekend I had at the Hawkesbury Community Arts Workshop. - Clay sculpture with esteemed artist Alan Somerville.

We started with coil rolling in order to build up a structure that could be manipulated into our desired piece. There were a couple of Jack Russell terriers, naked torsos, the head of a bull, an eagle, a scottie dog - a wonderful eclectic mix .

I decided to embark upon a childlike statue that embodied an emotion like joy or bliss, you know, that thing you feel as you put your hand on your chest and sigh-smile to yourself.

I really enjoy clay sculpture - yet another artform that I wish to pursue, but one has to be wise....I suppose.....but I do have nearly a full bag of clay left....


 I avidly checked out Facebook last weekend looking for glimpses of an exhibition that I was not able to attend, it being in Rome Italy.

 I sent 3 paintings over for "The Kangaroos Visit" at the Palazzo Velli Expo. Looks like a great show, and I am very thankful for the organisers whose vision and hard work caused it to happen.

The 3 unframed paintings having a great time without me in Rome.

Portrait Day at the workshop last week with the lovely Kate. I am planning to work on the portrait some more (acrylic) in the future.

Visited an exhibition at Purple Noon Gallery  "Tjirntu tjarrpanguru tjirntu pakalakuta: from sunset to sunrise (from us to you)'. A collection of contemporary pieces from the art community of Papulankutja in the Ngaanyatjarra Lands in WA. I got carried away with the glorious colour and design and I treated myself to a small piece (pictured to the left of me).
Here I am with fellow artist Judy Brownlie.

 This weekend the Ferry Artists Gallery opens with it's Christmas Exhibition. All visitors at the opening will receive 10% off all purchases on the night.

 There is also an exhibition opening at the Royal Art Society " Deck The Walls" at Lavender Bay, opening on the Friday.

So December is now upon us, and I hope it brings everything wonderful to end your year well. I for one, look forward to finishing some paintings before I feel compelled to put up a Christmas Tree!