Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Winter Sunshine

I had to title today's blog that. I've been spending this morning standing on top of a cliff painting a local view of the Hawkesbury River - as yet unfinished, so you wont be seeing it here yet. But I'll give you a glimpse of the view.

Two works completed since I last wrote a blog. Must be slacking off... Na, not really - I have some commissions to work on and I have been distracted by teaching mixed media with acrylics in my Wednesday Class at the Royal Art Society. Charcoal, collage, monotype, fun fun fun!

Visited a fellow artist's show at ArtSHINE Gallery last week. Kristine Ballard's "Paradise". Wonderful colour and a jolly good opening too!

With fellow artists Patricia Devine, Kristine Ballard & Julie Simmons

Thought for the week

I have recently not had work accepted into some juried artshows/prizes. This is a common occurrence. Thankfully, being accepted into juried artshows/prizes also happens, so I am quite happy about that.
I have been listening to other artists complain bitterly, wail and gnash their teeth etc etc. about the unfairness of it all and why oh why did they not get chosen etc.

But here in Australia they are usually a competition are they not? Which means only 1 person gets to win 1st Prize (or a finite number get to be a finalist).

So many reasons I can think of that the entry in question didnt get in (both good and bad). Assuming the art submitted was any good; how about pure logistics. Several hundred entries and only room to hang 50? Too many of the same style/theme and the curators wanted to hang a balanced show. The judges had different tastes and standards. I know there are some dodgy shows out there and sometimes you need to be "known" to get in; but its not worth exploring that. I personally think that there are just so many artists out there and are brave/good/deluded/rich etc. enough to enter. So many fabulous artists I know of dont enter shows either, for various reasons. Often the rejection is so heartfelt it demoralises.

 "What about all that entry money?" some may ask. I'm pretty sure its expensive to run a show, I doubt much profit is being made. But if it is - well, you paid it for the opportunity to have your work seen (even for a few seconds?) and for a possible inclusion in a show.  Ha, you might even call it gambling in a way - Id prefer not to call it that - more like a ticket to a roller coaster that can lift you up to artist bliss or dump you down into the depths of despair..

Dont lament and fall prostrate into a bed of chocolate (well maybe  just a little to make yourself feel better); pick yourself up and keep creating, learning, improving. Never copy the winners work thinking it will make you a winner, dont compare your work to others (unless its to improve yourself), dont get angry.


I will be spending my last Sunday at Purple Noon Gallery this week. My show "Kaleidoscope" will be ending, and I have been more than happy with it. Time to plan the next one!

Come by and say hallo.