Friday, December 20, 2013

Remembering Spring

While half the world is freezing and the other half (mine) is sweltering, I had thoughts of cool sunny days in the spring garden at my mother's in Kurrajong, far west Sydney.

Here is the painting finished today.

"Kurrajong Spring" Acrylic on Canvas 30"/76cm sq
If you would like to see more of the work I have completed this year go to my 2013 Poll page, it would be great if you could vote for your favourites too.

Hope this time of year brings you happiness.

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Summer Flowers and a busy bee

Happy early Summer! Here is a little impression of Portulaca, a painting 14"x 12"

I have had a busy couple of weeks, finishing and delivering work to Grenfell Gallery which is in Western NSW, a lovely town to visit.

Also, delivered my painting to the Hornsby Art Prize, which opens this weekend. And The Eutick Memorial Still Life Award opens next week in Coffs Harbour where I am very pleased to be a finalist also.

(Finalist also at Hawkesbury Art Prize - Purple Noon Gallery)

Somewhere in my immediate schedule I need to finish work for Ferry Artists Circus Exhibition, and an impromptu mini show at Breathing Colours Gallery.

And I thought I was going to give myself a rest!

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Gold Coast - Balmain - Grenfell

My solo show "Sanctuary" opened at 19 Karen Contemporary Art Space on the Gold Coast last week.
"Bush Garden" Acrylic on Canvas, 76cm x 76cm

 For some photos, visit 19 Karen's Facebook Page.
For more details on the exhibition and to see what works are still available - click here

I finished a new painting the other day - this one is going to the Balmain Art & Craft Fair, which is on the first week of November.

"Happiness Must Be Grown" Acrylic on Canvas 46cm x 46cm
Also in November is the opening of "Woman to Woman Woman" A group show featuring myself, and established artists Julie Simmons & Marcia Rea
We are all taking our paintings inland NSW and will be at Grenfell Art Gallery

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Painting 28 August 2013

Madly into exhibition painting at the moment, I have a lot of canvasses in various stages of completion. I like to work on several canvasses at once - some I finish quicker that others and I can never predict which one. Maybe the paintings themselves choose.....

Here is a small painting - acrylic on canvas, 18" x 18" (46cm square)

"Things Which Are Before"

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Landscape and an Artist's Trail

In my frantic life I have managed to finish a little landscape today, as yet unamed. There is a beautiful shrub flowering in the bush at the moment, when the sun hits it, it is a blaze of purple pink glory.

Acrylic on Canvas, 14"x18"

Next week with the annual Hawkesbury Artists & Artisans Trail I will be a guest artist at Purple Noon Gallery, Freemans Reach. All details can be found on the website

Friday, July 19, 2013

3 New Paintings on Plywood

The inlaws have a new business (Kookaburra Ply) and I asked for some samples thinking I may be able to paint on the panels.

After sanding one side of the board (Formply has a smooth waterproof surface as it is used in concreting), I then primed, sanded and primed again.

 I thought I would paint as I normally would with a canvas using acrylic paint and bristle brushes. I had painted on board a long time ago, and it did take a while to get used to the way the paint went on. I think oils would have been a better choice, because I could have got a beautiful blend of paint on the smooth surface - it would have changed my painting style considerably!

Here are the finished pieces, already varnished and off to be framed and exhibited at Purple Noon Gallery.

Well Into Spring

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Wood engraving by Eric Gill

Thought I would post the occasional work that inspires me.
Here is Anointing, a wood engraving by British artist Eric Gill - Wikipedia article

Not sure of Mr Gill's personal religious views - especially after seeing some of his other works, but this depiction of the woman anointing Jesus with the expensive oil from her alabaster jar, with the indignant disciples looking on is a great pictorial reminder of the sermon I heard the other day.


Exhibitions I am involved in this week:

Currently on

"Yesterday, Today"  ASMA Miniature Exhibition at The Mint, Sydney
"From the Stockroom" Group show at Breathing Colours Gallery, Balmain, Sydney
Royal Art Society exhibition at the Lavender Bay Gallery, Sydney

Opening this week

 "The Art of Cirque de Soleil" with 19Karen Gallery & Sofitel Gold Coast opens this Friday 31 May
"Figuratively Speaking" opens at The Ferry Artists Gallery, Wisemans Ferry, Saturday 1 June

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Macquarie Towns Arts Society Exhibition this weekend.

When I moved to the Hawkesbury region in 2001 one of the first things I did was find the local Art Society. It has been a great support to me, both in friends, information, and opportunities to show my work.
This weekend MTAS are holding their annual Autumn exhibition in Richmond NSW.
For further details their blog is HERE

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Gold Coast Group Show opens 31 May

I have a few shows coming up in May/June. This one is in conjunction with 19 Karen Contemporary Artspace & The Sofitel, Gold Coast.

The invite details for opening night are as follows:

Please join us for the opening of our group show, The Art of Cirque du Soleil  , hosted by
The Sofitel Gold Coast, on Friday 31 May, 6-8pm.
This exhibition will showcase the works of 22 artists - Amanda Shelsher, Anne Smerdon,
Beck Wheeler, Carmel Debreuil, Carole King, Clare Toms, David Green, Elisa Pettenon,
Jacqui Doran, Jason Brynat, Jennifer Murray, Johnny Romeo, Juliet Foxtrot, Mark Warren, Melissa Hartley, Mellissa Read-Devine, Michaela Kloeckner, Midge Johansen,
Rhonda Goodall-Kirk, Richard Denny, Sarah Beetson and Sonya G Peters.
MC for the evening; Kylie Mitchell-Smith of Mitchell Media
Featuring performers from CircaNICA, Inspiring Contemporary Circus
To be part of this exciting evening-
RSVP (essential for catering purposes by the Sofitel) by 24 May
Email; or phone; 07 55545 019
Click here to view the on-line gallery
For other exhibitions & shows please see my website:

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A successful exhibition and an amazing week

Brought home the remaining paintings from the show yesterday. Left 5 in the gallery for a future stockroom show.

Very happy with the show. It looked fabulous, the gallery staff were lovely and enthusiastic. LOTS of visitors off the street. I ended up selling a third of the exhibited works, so economically it was a success also.

For those who would like to see the works, they are online HERE

"Through the Branches Swiftly"
And as an extra  God given reward to several months of hard work, I also was fortunate to win:
1st prize for miniatures at Hawkesbury Agricultural Show
as well as Highly Commended for printmaking
1st prize for Contemporary work at Port Stephens Art Show
1st prize for Portraits at Drummoyne Art Show.

Now I just have to start working again for the next shows.... easier said than done.


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Happy Artist

It doesnt take much to cheer up a depressed artist. Say meaningful nice things about their work. Visit their exhibitions. RED DOTS ON THE WALLS.

Opening night at Breathing Colours Gallery was lovely. I was running late due to traffic, so that did not help the anxiety, but once I got there and was honoured to have so many visitors - both people I knew and others I didnt. I finally began to enjoy myself.

Ended up having dinner with family and friends, and eventually got myself home exhausted, but serene. Actually I'm still exhausted 4 days later.

Didnt have a chance to take photos on the night so here are a couple from the day before and today.
My wonderful daughters in front of "Through the Trees Swiftly"

Myself in front of the gallery window and "5 Choughs"

In case you would like to know - I have currently sold 5 paintings, with interested parties negotiating for more. Exhibition ends on Sunday 21st April. (Closed Monday, open Tuesday - Sunday).

Friday, April 05, 2013

The work is done, now the anxious wait

I delivered my 25 paintings to Breathing Colours today. BC is a little gallery on Darling Street between Rozelle & Balmain. It has the most wonderful jewellry pieces and quirky objects, as a well as a very nice exhibition space that is available to artists whose applications are accepted.

My exhibition will be hung on Monday and open to the public on Tuesday 9th April. Opening is on Wednesday night. Thats the anxious moment, when you wonder if a. will anyone turn up, and b. will anyone actually buy anything. All artists would tell you that the worst thing that can happen besides not selling anything, is that noone will turn up. ah, the angst is setting in already. I'll let you know.

Later into the exhibition I will post a link to an online gallery of the show.


Thursday, January 17, 2013

January Sale

I have put on heaps of prints on Ebay this month. Trying to make some room for up coming works.

I dont usually put so much on the auction site like this, so it will not be a common occurrence. Some works have a very low starting price. All $5 - $10.

Next week is my birthday sale of paintings so stay tuned!

 Link to Ebay site is HERE

Friday, January 11, 2013

Wood Block on an Etching Press

For some time I have been registering a multiple block using an old picture frame - the block would rest inside the left hand corner and the paper edge lined up with the outside of the frame. I found this worked quite well if I was extremely careful..and I was often hand printing with lighter papers.

I print my lino & woodcuts on the etching press using an old commercial printers rubber blanket instead of the wool and felt blankets (unless I want deep embossing). However, when I went to print the thicker blocks - like those used with wood engraving, I needed to  add some carrier blocks on either side to help absorb some of the pressure from the roller - protecting both press and carved block.

Registration posed a problem until I came across John Steins' Website . Here is what I delightedly made with my newly purchased jigsaw!

So simple. I did find the rubber blanket was a little soft - it pressed into the finer details which had a tendency to fill in with ink. So I used a piece of matboard instead.

Please visit this page on John Steins site for further details.

Proof of "Mrs Wren" 2 block wood engraving