Sunday, February 07, 2016

The Year Starts....Now. No Wait,......Now.

I have decided to start the new year from February. January is pretty much a loss planning & production wise right? School started after 26th January (Australia Day), so.. holidays are basically just finished surely?

Ok enough procrastinating.

I have started teaching on Wednesdays at the Art School at The Royal Art Society NSW - 

“Exploring Acrylics”
This class will teach the basics of painting with acrylics to beginners, and encourage intermediate students to explore their own techniques and creativity.
Subjects will be varied, elements of composition will be explored, colour & brushstroke will be encouraged! The class will cover many aspects of the medium and techniques, including the addition of mixed media & acrylic mediums.

Wednesdays     9.30am – 12.30pm
                                6.30 – 8.30pm
Late enrolments are still being taken if you are interested - call or email Royal Art Society 02 9955 5572 

I have been painting! So much to do - I have my galleries needing new work and I have a solo show coming up in May, so I really need to cut down on the non essential activities like bookkeeping for the family business and housework.

Some 9x5" acrylic on canvas birds

These 2 were school demos that I finished recently
"Rubiconde" Acrylic 101 x 76cm   
"The Diary" Reworked painting in Oils, 30x30cm
Coming up:

There is a drawing and teacher's exhibition on at Lavender Bay Gallery