Sunday, April 27, 2014

Artists Week ending 27 April 2014

I had another lovely day spent painting at the Easter Show at the Derivan Matisse Stand. 
Hopefully I will have these paintings finished in time for my solo show in June.

Painting alongside artist Donna Gilbertson 
Teaching on Thursday

Clay sculpture class work
Portrait Day on Saturday at Hawkesbury Community Arts Workshop.
As usual I race around my studio in the morning looking for something to paint with and on - you would think that would be easy, but every canvas I have are allocated to certain future paintings. I really must invest some time into making some canvas covered panels. Or buy some...

Using charcoal to draw and washes of acrylic for a more 'watercolour' feel, I really enjoyed the process. Thankyou to Graham, our model of the month.

Then straight to Camden to deliver works for their upcoming Art Show.
 A very organised intake process I must say with a table to check the size and backs of paintings, another table to check the label and entry, and yet another to check off the category.

A visit to the Showgrounds to pick up unsold works, 
and a good excuse to catch up with artists I havent seen for a while.

Next week

Im off to the Gold Coast for the opening of "Tribute to Michael Jackson Film Clips", a collaboration with 19 Karen Contemporary Artspace and the Sofitel Broadbeach. I even bought a sequined glove for the occasion!

Also,  showing will be the Camden Art Prize and the Winmalee ArtFest. for those in Sydney.

Newest painting "Pigeon Salad"

Monday, April 21, 2014

Artists Week ending 21 April 2014

Ok, so I cheated. This week ended on the Monday as it was a public holiday and everyone treats it like a long weekend anyway.

What a fabulous week! The weather here in Sydney was glorious, and there was lots of relaxation to be had because of the allotted holidays due the Easter weekend. 

Spending a day working at the Ferry Artists Gallery

I would like to take a moment to wish retrospectively that you all had a peaceful time with loved ones and spared a moment of contemplation of what is Easter to you.

Easter play at my church

The Sydney Royal Easter Show is in full swing! I missed the Royal visit on Good Friday but on the Tuesday I was fortunate to be at the Derivan Matisse stand using their luscious acrylics and met a fellow artist Jody Graham with whom the day was spend marvelously.

Jody Graham at the Derivan Matisse stand
unfinished works
What else did I get up to? I dyed parts of my hair fuschia, spent a day working at The Ferry Artists Gallery, Wisemans Ferry, and embarked on yet more unfinished paintings. Finished two! 

The deadline for my solo exhibition early June loometh.

Backyard at Windsor 76cm sq
Two Guineas, 46cm sq

Coming up? I'll be spending another day painting at the Easter Show on Wednesday. Come and say hi!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Artists Week 13th April 2014

Work by Patricia Devine,
 2nd place in Miniatures
Apologies because I do not know the artist,
but I had to show you one of my
 favourite craft exhibits

A week busy sorting out the minutiae of life. 

One highlight was the Arts Preview at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. Where good friends (including my Mum!) won prizes - always nice to be able to share in the joy!

The day I had set aside for some painting "en plein air" was raining! 
So I opted to stand under my mother's gazebo next to the koi pond. 

Same artist, same format of painting every time.
isnt that interesting?
Monotypes & Collagraphs at the Community Arts Workshop.

Finished a couple of works this week; I needed a change so I painted with acrylics and pastel on paper. A little different but quite satisfying.

"Prolific I"
Work on Paper, 25" x 36"

"Singing With Grace"
Acrylic, 30"x30"

Next week I will be demonstrating painting at the Derivan Matisse stand at the Royal Easter Show, Tuesday. If you are there, come and say hi, I will try and remember to bring some free cards to give away

Monday, April 07, 2014

Artist week ending 6 April 2014

Monday saw me delivering mine and fellow artist's work to the Lavender Bay Gallery for the "Interiors" exhibition that opened on the Friday (see invitation from last week's post).  Always lovely to catch up with artists and their art, and they make you feel very welcome at the Royal Art Society.

CPAS Artists at Winston Hills
 (Brian Richardson painting at easel)
Tuesday, I helped man the display at Winston Hills Shopping Centre for Parramatta Art Society. I believe over a dozen paintings were sold there during the week.

Wednesday, Julie Simmons and I gave a talk to members of the Castle Hill Art Society about "Social Media for Artists". Despite some technical glitches, it was well recieved - Julie and I making a great tag team sharing our knowledge and acquired experience of self promotion in todays internet driven world.

Ulla Lapidge & I getting in the way of our paintings,
Ferry Artists Gallery
Thursday was teaching a couple of classes of printmaking & claywork and then a catch up with a lovely artist friend at Bank Bazaar, Richmond.

Friday, attended the opening at the Royal Art Society

Saturday, not one but 2 openings! The Ferry Artists Gallery opened their newest exhibition, with a marvelous mix of works from members.

And then Purple Noon Gallery was a show I just had to attend also, as I adore both the sculptures of
Lucy McEachern and the linocuts of Vida Pearson.

Local artists with Vida Pearson (centre),
with her work pictured behind.
Purple Noon Gallery

Maybe Sunday was my day of rest, because apart from the morning visit to the studio before church, all I did art business wise was pick up my unsold work from Winston Hills.

Pretty full week I reckon. Two paintings worked on this week, one of them on paper instead of canvas for a change.

Next Week: Going to the Sydney Royal Easter Show Arts Preview, a look forward to annual event. And then maybe finish some of the many half done paintings I have vying for my attention.

Work on paper in progress

My favourite painting to work on this week