Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Here is "Amelia" a hand coloured linocut I made to celebrate the birth of young Amelia Castle. Looking up the meaning of the name - it means hard working. A worthy virtue but how to portray it attractively?.

I have also joined the 'Etsy' club, I love this site!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Pelican Posing on a Post

Well, he is a first attempt, but he looks pretty good from afar!

Things I have learned:
Use a thinner gauge wire.
Chicken wire is really nice to mold
'Tie Wires' were a stroke of brilliance!
Vacumn the carpet if you insist on working in the loungeroom
Keep practising

I hope he stays on the post, dont fancy fishing him out of the dam! He seems to be keeping the ducks on edge - they're not hanging around anymore!

Here is a cheat. I used metal potato mashers as a base for his feet, which i then wrapped with wire.