Friday, October 19, 2012

Checking out the Block Printing Ink from Derivan

I finally was able to trial the new block printing ink from Derivan. Thought I would try a simple multiblock/reduction print.

First, print an uncut square in yellow.

Clean, then cut away everything that will stay yellow.

Pink will be next - I mixed my own colour using Acrylic Paint and Derivan's Block Printing Medium

Here is a picture of pink prints that I left with background texture, and some that I have masked.

Cut away the pink from the lino and print the green (mixed with white)

This is what happen when you print upside down!

With another block I had cut the full outline of the design. I printed it with purple mixed with a little black.

Being so used to oil based inks, I was a little dubious about using these. But the very fact you can wash up with water is so much more convenient than I first thought. Also, as I paint in acrylics, I have many colours, so the medium is very handy to use when I want a 'certain colour'. Will definitely use these inks again,


clive said...
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clive said...

Wow! Nice print, Melissa! The inks look very opaque, is that the case? Do they dry out as you're using them. Can you put lots of layers on? Is the Pope catholic? Is the sky blue?

So many questions.

Mellissa Read-Devine said...

I had to add white for opacity. The more layers, the longer it takes to dry. But the ink stays wet on the slab & roller for a decent time - unless its a hot day. Pretty sure the pope is catholic, but the sky only appears blue.

Unknown said...

Lovely. What do you use to mask the block in the pink step?

Mellissa Read-Devine said...

Like the pictured green upside down stage - I cut a paper mask to keep out the unwanted bits

Unknown said...

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