Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Spring Sunshine

Thought I'd start the blog with a nice title. Nothing to do with the content. Sorry.
September has been a blur for me in retrospect, I've been kept pretty busy with family matters and have interspersed these moments with bursts of frenzied art making.

Pictured is a commission finished recently and delivered today "The Sound of Jubilee", 92cm X 106cm, acrylic on canvas. Not the best photo, but it suits the season don't you think?

I am feeling pretty excited about future projects coming up - just as well. I counted no less than FIVE rejections from major shows this month. 3 shows of which I've been a finalist in the past. 

Ah well. Move on. 

I did win a 1st prize at the Orange Blossom Art Awards Castle Hill (and a highly commended, and commended). And sales are happening regularly, so I have no right to complain. Certainly doesn't stop me from entering - the competition is of high quality and there's a lot of brilliance out there, which will make it all the sweeter next time I "get in".

Yes, move on.

pictured above "Guardian of My Heart" 76cm square acrylic on canvas.

I also have been printmaking again. I will be one of the artists representing The Hawkesbury Printmakers" in a Community Group show at the Regional Gallery later in the year, so I thought I'd better oil up the press and get to work.


Today I also booked a solo show in Sydney next year that will be all printmaking - the first time I've done that. That's exciting.

Anyhow, I'm going to try and get up early tomorrow and paint so signing off.

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