Friday, May 22, 2015

Where Did That Week Go? And That One?

In short, I Collected, Visited, Watched, Delivered, Delivered, Watched, PAINTED, Varnished, Framed, Collected, Framed, Delivered, Delivered and FORGOT. Nearly a typical couple of weeks really.

At Breathing Colours I attended John Klein's exhibition at Breathing Colours. Great Show, for the catalogue visit Breathing Colours website.

John Klein's Art Exhibition at Breathing Colours

 Took the opportunity to hang out at Bowral after delivering paintings, had a lovely lunch at The Milk Factory. Enjoyed Gillie and Marc's sculptures there.

My Mother Patricia hanging out with friends at The Milk Factory, Bowral

Was treated by my daughter (birthday and Mothers Day) to see the Musical "Dog Fight" at the Hayes Theatre. Was not a show that I would have gone to myself, but I am so glad Amy took me. Enjoyed it very much, fabulous performances.

I managed a couple of paintings.

"Jubilation" 76cm sq Acrylic

"Where The Heart Is" 76cm sq Acrylic
And lastly, there was I last night, after dinner doing my paperwork, when the horrified realisation came over me. I FORGOT TO GO TO THE OPENING of Macquarie Towns Arts Society. I even achieved a Highly Commended apparently; which my mother graciously accepted on my behalf.
Urgh. The show is on for the rest of the weekend. Go visit! I will be shortly!

 And next week will be the opening of the Hawkesbury Regional Gallery's Annual Art Fair. I have been invited to exhibit several works, which is an honour.
AAAND next weekend I will be teaching painting workshops at Stanwell Tops with the Combined Art Societies of Sydney.
Fancy a day or three in fabulous arty company? (Not just me!) I am sure you can get a place last minute Click the link for details,
AAAAND the week after that "Birdsong", mine and my mother Patricia Devine's show at Breathing Colours will be happening.

No wonder I have been busy!


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