Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Todays blog is only entitled such because we in Sydney have been having some pretty hot days lately. I WISH it was because I have been producing a lot of work. Soon, soon..

Brush Turkey

Took a few works to the new visitor centre at Ku-Ring-Gai Wildflower Gardens this week. I look forward to getting some plein air work done there.

Wednesday night saw me with the artists of Drummoyne Art Society for a painting demonstration.
Demonstration works 
I had also just found out I was a finalist at the Blacktown Art Show (one out of 2 entered), so I was on a bit of a high.

Christmas prints with my group in Richmond. We drew in foam sheets, rolled them up in ink and printed. We plan to hang them as bunting to decorate the centre.

Drypoint on foam plates
Spent a hot Friday at The Ferry Artists Gallery. Hooray for Air conditioning! It was understandably quiet, but I got some work done.

Works drying
Saturday after picking up the one rejected painting from Blactown, I popped in to have lunch with the Hawkesbury Printmakers at their get together at the picturesque studio of Greg Hansell. I was extremely envious of Greg's platen press. "Press Envy" I'm sure that's a thing.

The inking table

Joy Myers Creed at the press
Sunday was sweltering, but church is airconditioned - Hallelujah! It was a great day actually. My daughter's engagement was announced (13 weeks to plan a wedding gulp!). Very exciting.

 I also visited the studio of Julie Simmons and also saw another artist friend Judy Brownlie to collect their works for me to deliver to a coming show.

Julie at her beautifully displayed studio

So, what does the coming week hold?

Opening of the 9x5 exhibition at Lavender Bay Gallery, Royal Art Society

The Ferry Artist Gallery also has a show opening.

 AND I will finish some paintings!

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