Monday, November 10, 2014

Inspired and Being Inspiring

Do you find it hard to be inspired? Don't know what to paint? Just look around you and force yourself to SEE something of interest in your immediate "landscape". Be it the pile of unfolded washing (it'll get done eventually), or the messy corner of your garden. I have been watching a friend's daily "Plein Air Challenge" - see Julie Simmons, and you really can get some great subjects by not trying too hard for the '''perfect one"

I myself keep a huge list of ideas. And an even huger collection of photos on my computer. And so many unstarted series in my head! Maybe that is why I can appear so vague at times.

I have managed to paint - actually finished another piece. - Back into my "Hillside" series - this one is Number 29! I am working very hard to try and get some fresh new works into my galleries in Queensland (19 Karen Contemporary Artspace) and Melbourne (Tusk). The problem (and it certainly isn't a problem!) is that Ive been selling very well - I will try and not offer for sale the new pieces until they get delivered!
Unfinished canvasses
Hillside 29

Suzanne Curtis

I popped into Breathing Colours, Balmain during the week - love the new show they have on at the moment! "Heading South" with Suzanne Curtis.

The Balmain Art & Craft Show was also held this week - happy to have sold work there again.

Had a HUGE weekend at Little River Art Studios, Grose Wold. (this is where I got to be inspiring). Took a dozen artists/students on a colourful journey of brush strokes and vivid colour. I loved so many of the works that were produced. Was a great time catching up with friends and making new ones. EXHAUSTED on the Sunday night (and all of Monday if truth be told).

Fabulous work by everyone
 Coming up,

 I am proud to say my mother Patricia Devine and some other lovely artist friends are having an exhibition at Purple Noon Gallery - opens this Saturday.

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