Sunday, September 21, 2014

Artists Diary week ending 21 September 2014

Sniffles & Black Looks

Despite having succumbed to a cold virus - which is a weird one - great one day, revolting the next; life goes on and I managed to survive the week well.

Visits to The Art Scene for framing , and deliveries to The Greenhouse Gallery, Galston (twice!) this week.

Greenhouse Gallery
Theres my painting - on the easel!

The classes experienced Coils of clay at the Community Arts Workshop.

Allowed myself some playtime and attended a workshop with the talented Jody Graham. We draw with all manner of items - tennis balls, pieces of wood, scrunched up bits of masking tape, as well as more the traditional charcoal, ink, collage, paint and stencils.

Jody Graham
Please visit her website and check out her beautiful works
Was lucky enough to be attending class with my mum.
Here's a picture I should entitle "Mum's Black Look",
which I'll probably be getting when she sees Ive posted this here :D
I was so inspired I went home and actually finished a couple of pieces I started there. A nice progression of being inspired by the unfamiliar (materials & using black!) and the familiar (my own painting process and some brighter colour).

"Nature Morte Aux Banksia"
"Old Man"
I also visited Breathing Colours for the opening of the new group show "Cant Wait for Summer". Some very nice works there (including my own :-).

Myself, Gabby Malpas, Kirana Haag, Julie Simmons, & John Klein.

Gabby photobombing my photo, the dip was very good.

 So the week's tally was 5 pieces worked on with 3 finished

Works in Progress

"Cowra Japanese Garden", Acrylic 24"x60"

Coming up - the Parramatta Art Society
Foundation Week Open Art Awards
3 - 12 th October 2014

Monday, September 15, 2014

Artists Diary, week ending 14 September 2014

Keeping up with Deadlines

I thought I'd look up the origin of the word 'deadline' but it wasnt as interesting as it could have been. Although I like the printmaking context. " representing a guideline marked on a plate for a printing press "

Anyway, I managed to keep within another couple - this year has been HUGE. This week I have finished a large commissioned work and managed to bring a couple of new pieces to the North Shore Craft Group's weekend show at the Wildflower Gardens, St.Ives.

But now, I must say despite another commission that needs to be finished; I have had to rest a little. And what happens when you slow down? You lose the momentum and sitting on the couch at night mindlessly looking at a screen (various electronic devices), is the default activity. Actually it appears I have a cold virus that has been percolating in my system, so I probably need to indulge myself a bit.

Really love the stoneware goblets one of my classes made at Hawkesbury Community Arts Workshop

Part of my display at the Wildflower Gardens

And here is a glimpse of my paintings making a good backdrop for the beautiful works
by some other members of the North Shore Craft Group

For those interested in wonderful high quality craft - be sure to come to the North Shore Craft Group's Christmas Exhibition in November at Thornleigh. Stay tuned!

Its been a productive week - finished 2 works and 2 more are nearly done

Coming up:

There is currently a group show on at Breathing Colours Gallery "Cant Wait Til Summer", I have a small number of works there and there are other great artists that are worth checking out.

Im not sure if there are any spaces left - but I have a one day painting workshop in Parramatta with the Parramatta Art Society, feel free to enquire via the link.

Monday, September 08, 2014

Artists Diary Week ending 7 September 2014

Painting in Public, Painting in Private, and everywhere in between.

First of all a short 'movie' in which I try and show the evolution of a painting. Its has given me enormous respect for all those that can actually make movies.

I visited the 'Shire' on Wednesday to see the lovely folk at Sutherland Art Society for a painting demo. I believe I managed to wear a lot of paint, but most of it got onto the canvas, and I have 2 more garden paintings to finish in the near future.

"Heres one I did earlier!" Garden acrylic 24" square

I also visited Breathing Colours to deliver a last minute painting to fill a gap made by work sold. And again on Sunday to pick up what was left over. I have left some of the works for the coming stockroom show, including the painting below.

"Angels Trumpets" 76cm x 101cm

What a great exhibition at Breathing Colours
New friends and 60% of the paintings sold.
A lot of painting in the two studios I hang out in - have some commission deadlines coming up, and although I was sad that the workshop at the Blue Mountains Creative Arts Centre did not go ahead, it gave me the opportunity to drive a loved one to the airport for his overseas trip.

What Ive been working on this week

Coming up:

North Shore Craft Group's Exhibition at The Ku-ring-gai Wildflower Gardens

Breathing Colour's

'Can't wait Til Summer'

Group Show
Julie Simmons, Donna Ravenscroft, John Klein, Kirana Haag, Steffie and Neil Wallace, Mellissa Read Devine 
Exhibition: Tues 9th Sept- Sun 28th Sept
Official Opening: Sat 20th Sept,4-7pm

Breathing Colours
446 Darling Street, Balmain.
Open: Daily
Hours:10am to 5pm

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Artists Diary, week ending 31 August

My Week in Pictures

Painting Amy at monthly Portrait Day
Hawkesbury Community Arts Workshop

Never ending paperwork
Also lots of computer time eating up the hours

Visited Judy Brownlie and admired her ''folly''
Please see her invite at end of this blog

Painting being worked on
Fish windchimes strung and ready to hang
Hawkesbury Community Arts Workshop

The lovely hardworking team at Breathing Colours Gallery Balmain
Robin, Petrea & Karen
(I have sold 11 paintings as of Sunday 31 at "springsong"
Show has been extended and ends this coming Sunday)

Another painting being worked on (commission)

Time for a Rest Day

Giving fellow artists a plug
Judy Brownlie & Ruth Aldrich's exhibition the next two weekends.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Artist Diary Week Ending 24 August

Singing & cups of tea

Despite the deluge I met up with Jeanette Starr of Little River Art Studios early in the week, delivering paintings for the coming weekend. We drank tea by the fire and considered the happy state of our water tanks. I will be teaching a workshop there in November. What a fabulous venue! Check out the list of tutors and consider a class in beautiful  Grose Wold. 

On Tuesday after picking up a VIP in my life from the airport, we stopped by Breathing Colours and checked out the now hung exhibition. What a great job was done, and to top it off I met a lovely family who had just purchased some of my paintings.

Had the most marvellous time in my clay class on Thursday. Just think raucous singing of  ABBA and Australian bush songs whilst painting clay cupcakes, and that will give you a glimpse.

More cups of tea were had, this time with Julie Simmons while we moved paintings and discussed the constant highs and lows of the artist's life.

Friday night delivered and set up at Taryn Malzard's studio The Old Grose Wold School House. I love this venue, and Taryn is a very talented artist and great company.

View from Janet Duff's Studio
 of The Old Schoohouse
Me painting in Taryn Malzard's studio

Not just any old iron, work by blacksmith Wayne Wagstaff
The Hawkesbury Artists & Artisans Trail was held on the weekend. An annual event where most member's studios are open to the public; a great opportunity to see the region and check out the local artists and their work. Although my studio was not open ( it was a bit out of the designated area), I was represented at Little River Art Studio, Purple Noon Gallery, and of course in situ at Taryns. It was a great weekend.

The official opening of "Springsong" was held on the Saturday. I decided to dress as close to the theme as possible, and was delighted that others felt inspired to do the same - and it wasnt even planned. Good times and quite successful too.
With fellow artist Julie Simmons in front of "Floriade"

Sunday I was rather tired. 

But I soldiered on, and met many more lovely people. I even checked out a couple of venues - bought some jewelry by A Farmers Daughter, and  knives hammered out of ancient railway bolts(!) by blacksmith Wayne Wagstaff of Art By Degrees.  And wound down the day with artists and families before I had to pack up the car and find my own neglected family.

Next week there is still time to see my show at Breathing Colours - I pack that up on the Sunday

Monday, August 18, 2014

Artists Diary week ending 17 August

Art Times & Art Crimes

Writing this on the Monday after the week just gone, I cant remember a thing. It was a blur of getting the last few paintings ready for my show in Balmain and generally just getting through the week.

I finished 3 paintings:

"Humoresque" Acrylic 12"square

"Spring is Coming"
Acrylic, 20" square

Acrylic 24"x20"

My class's mosaic table nearly done!
Printmaking with Plasticine

Saturday I had a great afternoon attending the first of Purple Noon Gallery's Lecture series. Art Crime with Vicki Oliveri. Very interesting and entertaining. I hope I can make the other lectures - next one with Patrick Shirvington who is a fascinating speaker as well as a great artist.

No room for passengers

Sunday was delivery day to Breathing Colours Gallery. It was a miracle I managed to fit all 25 paintings into my hatchback. Come and see the exhibition and be amazed with me! The paintings will be available for public viewing and sale from Tuesday 19th August, with the official opening on Saturday 4pm.

So coming up is "Springsong", running from 19 August to 31 August, Breathing Colours Balmain

Also the Hawkesbury Artists & Artisans Trail is running its Open Studio weekend. I will be at Taryn Malzard's studio with a painting or 10 and some linos and wood engravings available. I may even find the time for a demonstration or 2 over the weekend.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Artist's Week ending 10 August 2014

Tulips & Canapes

A busy week (as usual!). My 2nd last week before I have to deliver works for my coming exhibition, so lots of painting happening. I finished 3 works, one of which in oils which I do not normally do - but I wanted to butter on some luscious oil paints on canvas and with impasto gel medium I was able to indulge my whim. Here is the finished painting "Floriade" which will be in the coming show.

Oils on canvas, 40"x54"
Acrylic on Canvas, 24"x20"
Acrylic on Canvas, 24"x24"

Works as yet unfinished!

Later in the week, played around with a new haircolour (dark red & platinum) - hairdressers can be artists too right? And then clay totem heads and windchimes for the disabled classes at the Hawkesbury Community Arts Workshop.

Saturday I was at not one but two exhibition openings. The Ferry Artists Gallery at Wisemans Ferry, opened "Wall to Wall", a great mix of works by the members, all under $360.

Speeches at The Ferry Artists Gallery
Julie Simmons and fellow artist Kristine Ballard
Julie's Neville perusing the works in comfort
Then off to Breathing Colours Gallery, Balmain for "'scapes". A solo exhibition by Julie Simmons. A great show, which I hope will be well attended over the next week.

My show will be the next one at Breathing Colours. So I will be busy varnishing and readying the works for delivery this Sunday. The work will be on display from Tuesday 19 August.