Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Winter Sunshine

I had to title today's blog that. I've been spending this morning standing on top of a cliff painting a local view of the Hawkesbury River - as yet unfinished, so you wont be seeing it here yet. But I'll give you a glimpse of the view.

Two works completed since I last wrote a blog. Must be slacking off... Na, not really - I have some commissions to work on and I have been distracted by teaching mixed media with acrylics in my Wednesday Class at the Royal Art Society. Charcoal, collage, monotype, fun fun fun!

Visited a fellow artist's show at ArtSHINE Gallery last week. Kristine Ballard's "Paradise". Wonderful colour and a jolly good opening too!

With fellow artists Patricia Devine, Kristine Ballard & Julie Simmons

Thought for the week

I have recently not had work accepted into some juried artshows/prizes. This is a common occurrence. Thankfully, being accepted into juried artshows/prizes also happens, so I am quite happy about that.
I have been listening to other artists complain bitterly, wail and gnash their teeth etc etc. about the unfairness of it all and why oh why did they not get chosen etc.

But here in Australia they are usually a competition are they not? Which means only 1 person gets to win 1st Prize (or a finite number get to be a finalist).

So many reasons I can think of that the entry in question didnt get in (both good and bad). Assuming the art submitted was any good; how about pure logistics. Several hundred entries and only room to hang 50? Too many of the same style/theme and the curators wanted to hang a balanced show. The judges had different tastes and standards. I know there are some dodgy shows out there and sometimes you need to be "known" to get in; but its not worth exploring that. I personally think that there are just so many artists out there and are brave/good/deluded/rich etc. enough to enter. So many fabulous artists I know of dont enter shows either, for various reasons. Often the rejection is so heartfelt it demoralises.

 "What about all that entry money?" some may ask. I'm pretty sure its expensive to run a show, I doubt much profit is being made. But if it is - well, you paid it for the opportunity to have your work seen (even for a few seconds?) and for a possible inclusion in a show.  Ha, you might even call it gambling in a way - Id prefer not to call it that - more like a ticket to a roller coaster that can lift you up to artist bliss or dump you down into the depths of despair..

Dont lament and fall prostrate into a bed of chocolate (well maybe  just a little to make yourself feel better); pick yourself up and keep creating, learning, improving. Never copy the winners work thinking it will make you a winner, dont compare your work to others (unless its to improve yourself), dont get angry.


I will be spending my last Sunday at Purple Noon Gallery this week. My show "Kaleidoscope" will be ending, and I have been more than happy with it. Time to plan the next one!

Come by and say hallo.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Fabulous Fortnight

This week I've had a few quiet moments of rest, some celebratory jumping up and down and have been given back some of my energy to the Creative World, teaching painting workshops over the weekend.

"Kaleidoscope" opened to great success. Success as in many people came to the opening and have been visiting the gallery since; and also in painting sales - I have sold several large pieces so far and I can breathe a sigh of relief that I can pay back my framers and associated costs!

Some pics from the opening

Last weekend was the Combined Art Societies of Sydney workshop weekend "Art in Action" held at Merroo in Kurrajong. I started the 3 day weekend by setting up an ambitious still life, finishing up with landscapes on the Sunday. I know I was pleased with what the students were doing, so I hope they were too!

Teaching can be both hard work and rewarding. I think I learn something new every lesson which is a bonus, and my brain is working overtime trying to bring out the best in what each student is capable of. So I definitely slept well Sunday night.

Mega Still Life set up

Fantastic work on Landscape Sunday

 And best news of all (thanks God!), I won Best In Show at the Hunter Valley Grammar School "Inspired" for my "Puparazzi".

and yesterday I found out I am a finalist at Lethbridge 10000 Small Scale Art Award with "Preservation"

So there have been a few downs this fortnight that need not be mentioned here, 
but so many more Ups. Thats a good plan for life really.

I hope your life is moving Up right now.


Thursday, May 05, 2016


I have now delivered the last of my paintings to Purple Noon Gallery, and I am close to feeling the exhaustion and brain fog that usually follows the end of such a big project.

But not just yet! (Well, the rest of today was a bit of a write off), I have an exhibition to attend!

The Opening of "Kaleidoscope" will take place on Saturday 7th May at 6m. The exhibition is on as of now, and the gallery is open Wednesdays through to Sundays. For more details see Purple Noon's website, My show will run through the month of May until the next exhibition opens - the date hasn't been set as yet.

I  will be there on Sundays as ''Artist in Residence'; ready to show you around, give impromptu artist soliloquys, maybe have a painting in progress to show you some of my methods.

So, I might take the rest of the week off - that being Friday.

Saturday morning I'll be cutting lino for the International Print Day in May. And on Sunday - I might work on some long overdue commissions.



3 works in the show - ''Gratitude'','' Laura on the Hill'', ''Autumnal''

A glimpse of the coming show

Another view of gallery - there will be a small range printed totes available during the show.
Three Floral paintings in the show to wish you a Happy Mothers Day this Sunday
And I forgot to add, Robyn has already sold one of the paintings which is fabulous, so if you cant get to the show soon, you may ask for a concise list of works for you to consider.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Lots of Lovely Painting

What a marvelous weekend - The Hawkesbury Artists and Artisans Trail was on and I was "'in residence" at Jeanette Starr's Little River Artist Studios. Lots of lovely people to talk to, and I hope to have a date or two of coming workshops there in the future.

I have had some successes, at the Hawkesbury Agricultural Show I recieved a 1st Prize for Drawing, and a Third and 2 Highly Commendeds for other sections. I also found out I am shortlisted in the Fleurieu Food & Wine Art Prize for ''Repast''.

Term 2 started again at The Royal Art Society Art School, where I am teaching acrylic painting. If you are quick you can still enrol (For more info on coming classes and workshops click HERE).

I gave a demonstration for the St.George Art Society, which apart from being a great night with great people, gave me the opportunity to start another couple of paintings! (My favourite stage of a work).

What I am most excited about is my coming show at Purple Noon Art Gallery. Less than two weeks to go until the opening, and I still have a possible 5 more paintings I would like to finish for possible inclusion. We shall see...

And here is the invitation! If you are in Sydney in May, I do hope you can come visit; apart from the opening, I plan to be at the gallery most Sundays for the duration of the exhibition.

Thursday, April 07, 2016

"Onward and Upward!"

Thought I should start with an inspiring quote - although the rest of it goes: To Narnia and the North! (CS Lewis).

Because I have been lax in keeping this blog updated with my daily trials and tribulations (lucky for you readers!), I will just let you know of a few things coming up in April.

15 - 17 April, 
My local Agricultural Show. Come and check out the Arts Pavillion

23 & 25 April
I will be demonstrating both acrylic painting and wood engraving on the Saturday at Little River Art Studios, and I will have work available both there and Purple Noon Gallery

15 - 24th April

Winmalee High School
29 April - 1 May

 Art in Action, Merroo Conference Centre, Kurrajong NSW
13, 14, 15 May
Here is a flyer I made for the Saturday, but there are still places available for 
Friday - Still Life
Sunday - Landscape

I will leave you with a painting I started as a demonstration at the Sydney Royal Easter Show at the Derivan stand, and it will now be available at my coming solo exhibition at Purple Noon Gallery

Opens Saturday 7th May!

Monday, March 07, 2016

Painting with Friends

Just had a fabulous workshop with the Ku-Ring-Gai Art Society on the weekend. It is amazing how exhausting and energising a workshop can be at the same time. I caught up with old friends and made new ones, and I was more than pleased with everyone's paintings in creation that day.

Workshop with Ku Ring Gai Art Society
 I have managed to start and yes, finish several works this month!

The unfinished..

One of the finished - "Swamphen" Oils on Canvas, 30cm square

In case you have not had a chance - please go onto my website and let me know your favourite pieces from 2015. I am about to have some cards printed and your choices may influence me for the better.

There is a few things happening in March....

Lindfield Art Show, 12 & 13 March. I will be a guest demonstrator on the Saturday afternoon.

Royal Art Society Autumn Exhibition opens March 11

Sydney Royal Easter Show - Arts Preview Tuesday 15 March, and I will be there demonstrating at the Derivan stand in the Arts Pavillion Saturday 19 & Monday 28th
Art in the Hills, Oakhill College 18 - 20 March

Florabundance, Ferry Artists Gallery opens 19 March

And a special mention - fellow artist Julie Simmons' exhibition opening this Saturday 12 March at Purple Noon Gallery, Freemans Reach (where I will have my own solo exhibition this coming May)

Sunday, February 07, 2016

The Year Starts....Now. No Wait,......Now.

I have decided to start the new year from February. January is pretty much a loss planning & production wise right? School started after 26th January (Australia Day), so.. holidays are basically just finished surely?

Ok enough procrastinating.

I have started teaching on Wednesdays at the Art School at The Royal Art Society NSW - 

“Exploring Acrylics”
This class will teach the basics of painting with acrylics to beginners, and encourage intermediate students to explore their own techniques and creativity.
Subjects will be varied, elements of composition will be explored, colour & brushstroke will be encouraged! The class will cover many aspects of the medium and techniques, including the addition of mixed media & acrylic mediums.

Wednesdays     9.30am – 12.30pm
                                6.30 – 8.30pm
Late enrolments are still being taken if you are interested - call or email Royal Art Society 02 9955 5572 

I have been painting! So much to do - I have my galleries needing new work and I have a solo show coming up in May, so I really need to cut down on the non essential activities like bookkeeping for the family business and housework.

Some 9x5" acrylic on canvas birds

These 2 were school demos that I finished recently
"Rubiconde" Acrylic 101 x 76cm   
"The Diary" Reworked painting in Oils, 30x30cm
Coming up:

There is a drawing and teacher's exhibition on at Lavender Bay Gallery