Sunday, October 19, 2014

Mariachi & Rock n Roll

Looking back, I believe I fitted in quite a lot this week. Its amazing how you lose track of whats been happening - I have to write notes to myself in order to remember what I did at the start of the week!

On Monday I had a lovely visit from a bus full of Ryde Art Society Members, come to enjoy the area and visit my studio. I am very fortunate to be able to work from an old fruit packing shed - LOTS of room, and therefore more mess to clean up when I have visitors. Now I will be able to find things until the clutter builds up again.

I also had a meeting about promotion - a very important aspect of the professional artist's life.

Then a quick drive over the river to visit Purple Noon Gallery for some framing.

I finished a painting this week - I actually started this painting early 2013 when plein air painting in the wetlands down on my property. I'll be delivering this to a show in the coming week.

"The Hide"
Acrylic on Canvas, 40"x30"
Wednesday night saw me at the Paddington Art Prize. (Click on the link to see the winners).It was such a buzz to be a part of it. Saw old friends and new, and there is some great work to see if you are in Sydney for the next few days. Congratulations to all winners and finalists.

Me with "Pillars of the Earth", Paddington Art Prize
On delivery day to Macquarie Towns Arts Society, I don't know what happened to my brain. Couldn't find 2 of the works that I had set aside for the exhibition, so had to deliver what I had. I missed the opening for this one as I had other commitments, but its always a good show of local works.

At the workshop, it was glazing day, and then a drive to Art Scene to fix a damaged frame for a show next week.

Friday night was my time out with my husband. We were also fortunate to attend a cocktail party held by Accor Hotels for the Aztec Exhibition at the Sydney Museum. Accompanied by a mariachi band, we learnt a bit about Mexican/Aztec history and I enjoyed very much seeing the pottery & stone sculptures.
Sculpture of Xiuhtecuhtli (God of Fire and Guardian of Merchants). On loan from Museo del Templo Mayor.    Photographer:Michel Zabe Rights:© The Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia (INAH)]


Saturday was a huge day out at the Derivan Open Day. I did not have time to take photos of the day as I very busy teaching a workshop on colour mixing and linocuts etc, but I have some of the party afterwards. Being Derivan's 50th birthday, it was very fitting to have a fifties theme.

Some of the students work from my workshop

Friends, Cake and Dancing. A great night.
Did I rest on Sunday? NO, but after church I visited a photographer friend to look through her files for some future artworks, getting back to Richmond just in time to take down the paintings at the MTAS show.

I think Im ready for the next week now.

Paddington Art Prize still on

Fairfield Art Exhibition opens Friday

Ryde Art Exhibition opens Friday

St Thomas Art & Craft Show opens Friday


Monday, October 13, 2014

Friends on the Wall

A short but busy week - due to the long weekend. So hard to get back to real life after a break!

"Garden of Memories", Acrylic on Canvas, 60cm square

finished a painting for a coming show (Balmain Art & Craft), and delivered my painting for the Paddington Art Prize. Met a couple of artists there at the coffee shop - Jane Canfield & Marie Larraine Weir. I look forward to seeing all of our works on the wall in the coming week.

On the way to a North Shore Craft Group Meeting I took a small detour into town and attended the opening of Gabby Malpas' exhibition "Where Are You From" at Platform 72. Fantastic show - Gabby is such a talented artist and I adore her vision and humour.

Gabby Malpas at Platform 72

Saturday I spent time at the Parramatta Town Hall at the Parramatta Art Society Annual Show. How lovely to have won a Commended, a Highly Commended and a sale there.

That night I attended yet another opening, this time at Purple Noon Gallery for "Tryptich" a group show with Ros Goody, Carl Stringfellow and Phillip Nolan. Beautiful covetable work, every piece.

Deidre Morrison, Myself and Patricia Devine
(thanks Julie Simmons for photo!)

Carl Stringfellow, Phillip Nolan, Ros Goody
Clr.Paul Rasmussen, Robin Williams

So a very social week I must say.

Whats coming up this week?  I do believe more socialising.

The Opening of the Paddington Art Prize opens Wednesday

Macquarie Arts Society Spring Affair Exhibition opens Friday

Derivan Open Day Saturday

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Artists Diary - my week

Driving, Hiking, Painting

Just come back from a very relaxing long weekend in Southern Queensland. Stayed at Girraween Environmental Lodge - amidst the lovely Girraween National Park. The main reason for the trip was a family (Devine) celebration and I took the opportunity to go painting outdoors - something I have had very little opportunity to do.

I thought acrylics might be the best to pack as that is the medium I am most familiar with, and I want to make sure the paintings dried quickly so as not to inconvenience the rest of the family in transit. I also took my daughter's back pack - bought for school hiking but never used. Backpack on my back I climbed the hills to a couple of beautiful spots and settled in to paint (praying I would not see any snakes). I could only manage a couple of hours at a time, so I wasnt really aiming to finish anything, but I am very happy with the experience. Sipping tea from a thermos, watching the little birds and lizards amongst the wildflowers prevalent at this time of year, I was already promising myself more Plein Air excursions in the near future - hopefully regular ones!

Hopefully I can finish some of these soon!

Other things achieved in the week - took a big painting to the framers, sold a commissioned painting and managed to receive a commended and a highly commended at the Parramatta Art Awards.

Nothing new coming up this week - but I will recommend a visit to Parramatta Town Hall for their exhibition still on (Finishes Sunday 12). Also opening is a new show at Purple Noon Gallery, featuring works by Ros Goody, Carl Stringfellow and Phillip Nolan.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Artists Diary, week ending 28 September 2014

On The List

What a week - I suppose the enormous highlight would be finding out I am a finalist in the Paddington Art Prize. I enter a lot of these bigger shows, and have been a finalist in quite a few, but it always comes as a surprise and a thrill when I see my name on the list! For me, making it to the Paddington A/P is huge, and I am so looking forward to the opening. First of all I have to get the painting there (its 1.4 x 1.8 metres) so its a bit cumbersome. And I have a constant nervousness that something will happen to it before it gets on the gallery wall.

Sculpture by Norman Lindsay


I visited the Norman Lindsay Gallery in Faulconbridge this week. We are having the most beautiful weather at the moment, so after a leisurely meal in the cafĂ©, we wandered the grounds and I managed to do some sketching.

At the HCAWorkshop we had fun finished some clay "owl pots". I always wish I had time to make my own.

I am also pleased to say we finally finished the mosaic table. The students from Salisbury made and glazed the tiles and letters, and with some extra pieces of broken tile, the table was mosaicked and grouted. It is SO heavy. Im going to have fun delivering it I think.


Saturday was portrait day. Angelique, our model was a delight. And ONE day I may finish one of these portraits of mine.....

I taught a one day workshop for the Parramatta Art Society. By the end of the day the room was full of colour and luscious brushstrokes and tired but happy (so they tell me) students.

Students work
Parramatta Arts Society

I finished 3 paintings this week.
"My Desire", Acrylic on board, 61cm x 92cm

"Reward" Acrylic 61cm square
"The Place I Wait" Acrylic  24"x60"

 This coming week - The Parramatta Art Society Annual Art Awards.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Artists Diary week ending 21 September 2014

Sniffles & Black Looks

Despite having succumbed to a cold virus - which is a weird one - great one day, revolting the next; life goes on and I managed to survive the week well.

Visits to The Art Scene for framing , and deliveries to The Greenhouse Gallery, Galston (twice!) this week.

Greenhouse Gallery
Theres my painting - on the easel!

The classes experienced Coils of clay at the Community Arts Workshop.

Allowed myself some playtime and attended a workshop with the talented Jody Graham. We draw with all manner of items - tennis balls, pieces of wood, scrunched up bits of masking tape, as well as more the traditional charcoal, ink, collage, paint and stencils.

Jody Graham
Please visit her website and check out her beautiful works
Was lucky enough to be attending class with my mum.
Here's a picture I should entitle "Mum's Black Look",
which I'll probably be getting when she sees Ive posted this here :D
I was so inspired I went home and actually finished a couple of pieces I started there. A nice progression of being inspired by the unfamiliar (materials & using black!) and the familiar (my own painting process and some brighter colour).

"Nature Morte Aux Banksia"
"Old Man"
I also visited Breathing Colours for the opening of the new group show "Cant Wait for Summer". Some very nice works there (including my own :-).

Myself, Gabby Malpas, Kirana Haag, Julie Simmons, & John Klein.

Gabby photobombing my photo, the dip was very good.

 So the week's tally was 5 pieces worked on with 3 finished

Works in Progress

"Cowra Japanese Garden", Acrylic 24"x60"

Coming up - the Parramatta Art Society
Foundation Week Open Art Awards
3 - 12 th October 2014

Monday, September 15, 2014

Artists Diary, week ending 14 September 2014

Keeping up with Deadlines

I thought I'd look up the origin of the word 'deadline' but it wasnt as interesting as it could have been. Although I like the printmaking context. " representing a guideline marked on a plate for a printing press "

Anyway, I managed to keep within another couple - this year has been HUGE. This week I have finished a large commissioned work and managed to bring a couple of new pieces to the North Shore Craft Group's weekend show at the Wildflower Gardens, St.Ives.

But now, I must say despite another commission that needs to be finished; I have had to rest a little. And what happens when you slow down? You lose the momentum and sitting on the couch at night mindlessly looking at a screen (various electronic devices), is the default activity. Actually it appears I have a cold virus that has been percolating in my system, so I probably need to indulge myself a bit.

Really love the stoneware goblets one of my classes made at Hawkesbury Community Arts Workshop

Part of my display at the Wildflower Gardens

And here is a glimpse of my paintings making a good backdrop for the beautiful works
by some other members of the North Shore Craft Group

For those interested in wonderful high quality craft - be sure to come to the North Shore Craft Group's Christmas Exhibition in November at Thornleigh. Stay tuned!

Its been a productive week - finished 2 works and 2 more are nearly done

Coming up:

There is currently a group show on at Breathing Colours Gallery "Cant Wait Til Summer", I have a small number of works there and there are other great artists that are worth checking out.

Im not sure if there are any spaces left - but I have a one day painting workshop in Parramatta with the Parramatta Art Society, feel free to enquire via the link.

Monday, September 08, 2014

Artists Diary Week ending 7 September 2014

Painting in Public, Painting in Private, and everywhere in between.

First of all a short 'movie' in which I try and show the evolution of a painting. Its has given me enormous respect for all those that can actually make movies.

I visited the 'Shire' on Wednesday to see the lovely folk at Sutherland Art Society for a painting demo. I believe I managed to wear a lot of paint, but most of it got onto the canvas, and I have 2 more garden paintings to finish in the near future.

"Heres one I did earlier!" Garden acrylic 24" square

I also visited Breathing Colours to deliver a last minute painting to fill a gap made by work sold. And again on Sunday to pick up what was left over. I have left some of the works for the coming stockroom show, including the painting below.

"Angels Trumpets" 76cm x 101cm

What a great exhibition at Breathing Colours
New friends and 60% of the paintings sold.
A lot of painting in the two studios I hang out in - have some commission deadlines coming up, and although I was sad that the workshop at the Blue Mountains Creative Arts Centre did not go ahead, it gave me the opportunity to drive a loved one to the airport for his overseas trip.

What Ive been working on this week

Coming up:

North Shore Craft Group's Exhibition at The Ku-ring-gai Wildflower Gardens

Breathing Colour's

'Can't wait Til Summer'

Group Show
Julie Simmons, Donna Ravenscroft, John Klein, Kirana Haag, Steffie and Neil Wallace, Mellissa Read Devine 
Exhibition: Tues 9th Sept- Sun 28th Sept
Official Opening: Sat 20th Sept,4-7pm

Breathing Colours
446 Darling Street, Balmain.
Open: Daily
Hours:10am to 5pm