Monday, April 08, 2019

Art in April

I've been very forgetful lately - sending the wrong photos to gallery submissions, confusion over what paintings are available and in what gallery, forgetting to deliver paintings to a show. If I actually looked in my diary every other day - I would not have this problem.

I like to think of myself as organised - I keep a spreadsheet of paintings - where they are, where they've been, where they sold.  I try and keep a photo file of all works and have recently been getting work professionally digitised for future projects. A folder is currently updated with future exhibition and competition information.
But these things fall flat of course if I dont diligently check, update and look at the diary regularly!

There are a few things happening this month.

The Sydney Royal Easter Show 12 - 24 April is a highlight in my year - the inner child loves an agricultural show - and this one has a brilliant arts and crafts display. Preview night is always fun to catch up with other artist friends.

This year I will again be demonstrating my painting style at the Derivan Stand (Saturday 13 & 20 April) so if you are about come say hi.

"I Meditate Upon The Mountain Trail"
Acrylic on canvas 65 x 65cm

"Seeing/Being - 6 Hawkesbury Artists" is a show at my local gallery Purple Noon Gallery - it is showcasing six Hawkesbury Artists and opening on Thursday 18th April (viewing from the 13th)... and opened by the very excellent Dan Kyle. Featuring  Greg Hansell! ,Matilda Julian, Judy Brownlie, Julie Simmons, Russell Smith and myself.

Acrylic on Canvas 65 x 65cm

For a special Mother's Day Promotion I will be demonstrating painting flowers at Chatswood Chase Shopping Centre. To get a seat, I suggest you book (free) through their system.

And to keep you posted - I am once again honoured to be included in the next group exhibition at Rochfort Gallery, North Sydney
"Land Rhythms, Collection 11"
From the 8th May 2019

"Flow'ry Charms"
Acrylic on Canvas 95 x 95cm

There,  I remembered everything so far!

Enjoy the rest of April as will I.  🌸

Monday, February 04, 2019

Best of 2018 - Results are in!

Thankyou to those who took part in my poll where I was interested to know YOUR favourite works that I created in 2018.

Here they are  - in order of popularity:

"Hillside 32"





125 x 125cm
Available from
19 Karen Contemporary Artspace

"Chasing The Winter Sun"


"Where I Saw Pardalotes"

80 x 80cm
Available from Thom Gallery


95 x 95 cm
Available from Purple Noon Gallery


66 x 66 cm
Available from Rochfort Gallery

"I Meditate upon the Mountain Trail"


"Beyond The Blue Hills"


"The Afternoon Slipped Away"


Most interesting that they were all landscapes - many florals were painting in 2018 also, and popular with sales; but my love of local Hawkesbury landscape must show through.

Monday, January 28, 2019

Hanging Out With Creatives

Last weekend I had a very busy and enjoyable time visiting other artists in their shows/studios/social gatherings.

I dont usually get the chance to do this as I live a fair way away from most events and I work in the family business when Im not teaching or painting alone in the studio.

It reminded me how nice it is to spend time with creatives, theres usually a shared camaraderie and a touch of "madness" thrown in for good measure. 

There is also the fact that your presence is very much appreciated at events such as open exhibitions.

Some of the outings I was lucky to attend on the weekend
 Every artist-craftsperson needs a responsive   audience.

 And you can make and be with some very good   friends who can "speak your language".

This weekend, in NYC

Something that is happening this weekend that I cannot attend unfortunately, is the 
Surtex Annual Trade Show for the Surface Design Industry. 

I am represented by Australian agents Artshine and I am excited and hopeful that my paintings as surface design will pique some company's interest.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Starting the Year with a celebration of 2018

Every year I compile a page with most of the works I have created in the previous year. In 2018 thats over 744 completed paintings and prints.

This is usually the best way to see a large body of my work in one place - I also give and encourage the opportunity for you to choose your favourites.


I am sorry it may be a little small on a phone screen - I have yet to properly work out how to optimise for small devices correctly.

Thankyou in advance. I plan to put the results up in February.

In the meantime here is my first painting for 2019.

As yet untitled and still on the easel in case I decide it needs more work, it is of a local view in the Hawkesbury area I can walk to when I'm feeling fit. (About an hour and half round trip).

"Yet to be named"
Acrylic on Canvas, 92cm x 76cm

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Christmas Eve and All is Well (well despite Internet lowlifes)

Monday morning - also Christmas Eve, i am delighted to be on holidays. Just lying around considering whether to spend time in the studio or indulge in sloth.
Get a message from a friend asking me why I have deleted my Instagram Account.

PANIC!! I jump out of bed and spend the rest of the morning sending emails, codes, photos, etc to the required authorities. And Ive only just settled down. @readdevine still isnt reactivated but Im hoping I can prove I am me after the holiday downtime. Sigh. I had someone changing my instagram email address and username the other week, and after changing EVERY password and app access I ever knew I thought I was in the clear. It seems not so.

So the moral of the story is - well Im not sure - change your passwords, yes. Get as much security you can (Insta security protocols dont really seem that secure - there are so many more checks via Facebook - and I thought they were owned by FB?) Handy to have a picture of your own face in your Insta feed so you can prove who you are. Listen to your friends. And be a friend if you see weird stuff happening on their pages.

I have an emergency insta account that is my full name without the hyphen, if I have to stick with that, it will fill up with images soon enough. Sad if I lose my several thousand followers though.

Peace and Forgiveness....

Time for another mince pie.

Oh and picture time! Here is a recent painting I completed. Acrylic on Canvas 92cm x 76cm I have called it "Adornment" as all those bush flowers really are decorating the rock wall big time.

Have a blessed Christmas Season no matter how and if you celebrate it.


Monday, December 17, 2018

Its Nearly 2019 and I'm back on the Blog!

First of all, if you are reading this, then thankyou!

In this busy internet world of ours I have thought the Blog obsolete, but I realise it is still a very good platform that I can share with you my works, my thoughts and my painting tips. Yes Social Media is pretty awesome - but so fleeting, and hard to come back to when you are looking for information.

So, an early New Years Resolution to Bring Back the Blog.

Here is my latest painting "Beyond the Blue Hills"
Acrylic on Canvas, Framed, 95cm square.
Inspired by a walk in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney. 

Soon to arrive at 19 Karen Contemporary Artspace, Gold Coast. Enquiries most welcome.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

What's on the Easel

Apart from a large landscape to finish (joining others to go to a July exhibition); my main focus is FLORALS. Some new work for Purple Noon Gallery, and a series of works destined for 19 Karen Contemporary Artspace in September.

'Repose II"
92 x 45cm
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