Friday, February 27, 2015


The Devine family recently achieved a significant milestone last weekend - the marriage of Daughter #1.  We have been honored to share/observe the birth/schooling/employment of our A_, not to mention all the growing up and personal achievements in between. Looking forward to whatever the next milestone will be in her and her husband's life!

I have included a glimpse of the day in pictures - the family hosted the reception and I feel like I've worked on a particularly large and prestigious exhibition - except this is much more important.

Now I can say 2015 can start anew for me. I have missed the entry deadlines for several art prizes due to not having a lot of new work, so I'd better get cracking!

Finished "Out to Dry"on Tuesday and it is currently hanging at Oatley 101s Waterbrook Exhibition this weekend.

Have since worked on a couple more and even dragged out a piece of Lino that I started maybe 6 years ago at least. (The little boy who is the subject matter is now in high school!)


Monday, February 16, 2015

A Cluttered Hard Drive

This is actually not about computers - I can only describe my state of being at the moment in terms of one.
We all know how frustrating it is to have a slow computer - one that is so full of information - useful or not, that its memory and processing capacity is sluggish at best. Well that is my brain right now. I never knew how much head space this wedding was going to take up. Even though I'm not running the show (thank God!), there still seems to be an awful lot of detail that appears to need my attention - like todays last minute thought of "does my husband still fit into his suit"?"and "how much should I be worried about the large mud wasp nest suspended 3 metres above where the bridal table will be..."



I have still managed to think about art. I have entered shows, gone to the framers, hung out at art galleries and artists, and even booked an exhibition for 2016. The show must go on!

Macquarie Towns Arts Society invited me to give a painting demonstration. I have one photo - more can be seen on my Facebook Page.

Works in progress at the demonstration
At this month's meeting of the Australian Society for Miniature Art (NSW), we put together our collection of floral squares to plan a future display at Gosford Regional Art Gallery later this year.

Sneak peak of ASMA members collaborative work

This coming week I will be giving a printmaking demonstration for Liverpool Art Society. 10am, Thursday 19 Feb.  I am looking forward to getting inky fingers again.


Work in progress

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Painting with Black

Normally I don't paint with black. I may use a little Paynes Grey, but usually I will mix the transparent red, blue and purple that are already in my palette, and perhaps add a touch of Cadmium Red.

But I have misled you, because this week the painting consisted of making blackboards for the impending wedding of #1 Daughter.

I also sewed some of the decorations - they look a little patriotic don't they?

Back to the studio! I continued with a long format landscape.

Went to the first portrait day for the year. This is the painting of Kate after a couple of hours.

and I had the opportunity for a quick plein air in oils. I plan to adjust it later.

Next week I will be giving a demonstration in my acrylic painting at Richmond NSW for Macquarie Towns Arts Society. All are welcome.


Monday, January 26, 2015

Pixel Pointilism

I recently had a discussion on Facebook, about how best to describe my work. I had always suggested it was "macro - pointillist" but decided it really didnt describe it sufficiently especially since pointillism is traditionally rounder dabs and dashes of paint, and sometimes my paintings are not pointillistic at all. I am influenced by so many styles and movements, like all contemporary artists - how could we not be with such a wealth of art history behind us. I think cubism is important, as is expressionism. So many "isms"! I will be content to mention impressionism as the major influence, and leave my work to explain the rest. Is there actually anything new in art styles these days?

I managed to finish a couple of works in the past week. The garden painting was started as a demonstration late last year, and I have eventually got round to finishing it.

acrylic (as yet untitled) 92cm x 61cm
 I also got round to reworking a painting I had completed last year. I had never really been satisfied with the background of "Duet" and now I can say I am! The original painting is in acrylic, and I reworked it with oils. As you can see the birds did not change a great deal.

"Duet 2" Oils on Canvas, 76cm square

Im off to see the last day of the CASS Art of Sydney Awards today. Looking forward to finally seeing all the works.

I will be a tutor in May for CASS - 1 - 2 day workshop in acrylics. Here is the flyer with all the tutors Book in soon!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Something Old Something New

 Almost reminiscent of weddings, but that''ll be next month when my daughter gets married, how exciting!

Anyway, I have completed new works already this year. The first. "Cicada Landscape" was finished and sent into exhibition before I had taken a photo - here is a glimpse. It is in long landscape format - 60cm H x 152cm W, acrylic. Currently at Breathing Colours for the month of January if you are interested in viewing.

"Cicada Landscape"

With the lovely set of oil pastels I received for Christmas, I had a little play. The painting on the left is oil pastel over acrylic on canvas, the other two are postcard size oil pastel over watercolour on paper

 I also have been working on 3 acrylics. Looking forward to completion!

I recently found some old paintings of mine during a "Post paintings challenge, old & new" on Facebook. And I thought it might be an encouragement to new artists if I put this up. Just to show how a few years (18) can improve one's arts practice. This is one of the very first paintings I completed - a present for my husband, as it is supposed to be a picture of him in Papua New Guinea.

Have a lovely week.

Thursday, January 08, 2015

I Have Finally Decided Its 2015

Such a slow start to the year for me (some might say its been denial), but the canvasses are on the easel, I have made a few lists, the office job is still paying me and we have eaten all the mince pies. Christmas is well and truly over, and the year starts anew. I have even done some wedding planning for my daughter #1 - just as well since it is NEXT MONTH.

"The Inner Room" 91cm x 46cm

Where am I art wise? I finished the year with two abstracts - I'd like them to be bigger but enjoyed the process. I created 86 artworks in 2014, had 2 solo shows and took part in numerous group ones. It was a very good year, and I thank God for it. I'm excited to see what 2015 has in store for me.

The first show off the rank is a group show at Breathing Colours, Balmain. Opens on Saturday 17th January.

The Combined Art Societies of Sydney hold their annual "Art Of Sydney" Awards at the Maritime Museum, Darling Harbour. 23 - 27 January

"Favour In Corinth" 91 x 46cm

I'm still not completely focused artwise. What I do have planned are several demos and workshops around Sydney. I also have a joint exhibition with my mum Patricia Devine featuring BIRDS, and a SCRAPERBOARD exhibition with Taryn Malzard. I also have new work being planned for galleries in Melbourne, Adelaide & Gold Coast, and I plan to travel there too!

Have a lovely week.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Twas the Week before Christmas...

Breathing  Colours Gallery
Ok, now its the day before Christmas and I have just finished a breakfast of jelly and custard - couldnt waste it - it was left over from the trifle I needed to make.

Its been a very social week - you must forgive me for no new works to show you. I have shed a tear after visiting my lovely students at their centres, as I am not taking the clay disability classes next year. I will miss them.

Breathing Colours Gallery had an opening that I simply had to attend on my way to a friend's birthday party. Pictured are Julie Simmons, Patricia Devine and Robin Hill.

19 Karen Contemporary Art Space
My paintings & glass sculpture by Andrea Fiebig
Also had work newly hung at 19 Karen Contemporary Artspace. Unfortunately I wont be able to visit the Gold Coast anytime soon, so my paintings will have to do.
19 Karen Contemporary Artspace
sculpture 'Signs of Life' by Amanda Shelsher

 Wishing you and yours a wonderful end to the year. I will wish you a Merry Christmas - no matter your belief, I wish to bless you from my own traditions and faith.

Looking forward to what 2015 has to offer!