Sunday, July 27, 2014

Artists Diary Week Ending 27 July 2014

Dave Thurston's "Wom-Man"
along the Putty Road
No! The last weekend of July? Gadzooks.

I have completed 10 works this month so far.

Started the week zombie-like staring at computer screen and entering my financials for the quarter. I like to pay my tax quarterly, because I wouldnt be able to cope otherwise. However, the financial year is also ended and I need to get my info to the accountant. And I think my program is weird and will not print what I require, so....more work.....later.

Had a lovely drive with my dearest to Singleton and back (ok, probably better places to go, but it was nice all the same). Had to pick up my work and other artists' - I managed to put 12 paintings in my hatchback, and most of them a fair size. Glad I quite like jigsaws.

Thursday's Clay classes

Went to Mosman the next day with my mother, and we picked up (rejected) works for 3 artists, myself included. Shame we couldn't see the exhibition - it hadn't yet opened. Lovely lunch and wandering through a few shops instead.

Pastel study of Laura

Portrait Day on Saturday. Daughter #2 kindly agreed to sit for us. I actually found it quite challenging, maybe because I know her face so well, but not well enough to portray, if that makes sense.

Worked on MANY paintings this week (about 11 I think), and I finished 3. I have picked up another commission and I have another show coming up - a 'little sister' to the one I had at Purple Noon Gallery, and although some of the same works will be in the show, I would rather have new ones. The show is called "Springsong" and will be at Breathing Colours Gallery in Balmain end of August.
Some works in progress

Coming up - part of a group show at Ferry Artists Gallery August 9 "Wall to Wall" - all works under $360

Garden Study
Acrylic, 30cm sq 

The Year of Release
Acrylic, 60cm sq

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Artist Diary week ending 20 July 2014

Garden Study 30cm sq

Managed to actually get painting again this week - 3 little garden paint sketches, and I have started on a couple of larger pieces.

Visited an artist friend Julie Simmons to  give her some works to deliver to Singleton. Julie is an accomplished watercolourist (as well as other media), she also keeps a blog.

Borrowing a ute to pick up from Art Gallery NSW
Not one, but 2 rejections! Ah well, that's how it rolls. These were prestigious shows with hundreds of entries so I'm not too fussed, I have been progressing in my art journey of 17 years very well so far - Have been a finalist in many big shows and have won a few prizes, so onward and upward!

 My advice to any artist out there who want to stay in the business for the long haul, 
is to develop a thick skin (I know, its a hard ask), and keep putting yourself out there. If your work is of a good standard, you have as much chance as many others. Treat it like a lottery ;)

Clay tiles and Glazing at the Hawkesbury Community Arts Workshop - wished I remembered to take some pics. Lovely work happening with my students.

Friday night went to the opening of the Australian Miniature Art Association's annual awards. I had 3 wood engravings selected to be hung, so had all the more reason to go. It is a wonderful show. Remember your reading glasses (I didn't!), and you will have a greater appreciation of artwork in miniature. The show is still on this week and until 2 August.

Great attendance at the Opening Night of ASMA (NSW), Willoughby Art Centre
Saturday was the Hawkesbury Artists & Artisans Trail Art Market held in Richmond. Lots of lovely stalls of beautiful creations, and a good opportunity to catch up with trail members. The Open Studio weekend is a coming soon - end of August.

Standing with Deidre Morrison, artist and proprietor of Richmond Art Supplies

Garden Study 30cm sq
Garden Study 30cm sq

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Art diary week ending 13 July 2014

I don't think I finished a single art project this week - Im still in rest mode I think.

I have done quite a few sketches for new paintings and have planned what canvasses Im going to use for what, so I can just go into mad paint mode... when I eventually find the restart button.

My highlight for the week was a quick trip to Melbourne. We just had to go see Les Miserables now that it has come back to Australia after a very long break. So a marvellous weekend was had, eating fabulous food, drinking very good coffee, revelling in the architecture, revisiting the laneways and quirky shops, and, always high on my priorities no matter where I go - relaxing in a quality hotel, this time the Mercure, Treasury Gardens which I will give a plug because the staff were so welcoming.


My favourite mural - mosaic by Mirka Mora at Flinders Street Station
Amy & Zeke with Cosette

Quirky acquisition at the Makers Markets by Hanna Mancini
I also bought locally made clothing at The Cats Meow, (Kylie Jane & Berserk)
New shop at Cathedral Arcade, "Limedrop"

So back to work this week! Coming up is the Hawkesbury Artists & Artisans Trail Art Market at Magnolia Mall, Richmond NSW - website


Sunday, July 06, 2014

Art Diary Week Ending 6 July 2014

I survived the week! Always a good thing to celebrate.

Started with Monday visiting the gallery (Purple Noon) and meeting up with a beloved friend, who introduced me to another artist Andy "Greedy" Smith from the band Mental as Anything.

Tuesday drove to Drummoyne and delivered works for their Art Awards -  and I heard from a visitor to the awards night on the Friday that I had won a 2nd prize for one of them!

I had planned on visiting a friend's show that night, but I needed to finish some pieces before Thursday. So I had to stay home and work.

Painting completed "Orchids"

Posted my work to the Australian Minature Art Awards, bought clay for the coming class at HCAW, Varnished, Backed and Wrapped work for the delivery of work to the North Shore Craft Group Show.

2 more paintings completed, as yet unnamed.

Thursday a big day. Early morning trip to Thornleigh (an hours drive) to deliver work to for the North Show Craft Group Exhibition. Drive to Richmond to the Community Arts Workshop where students glazed their finished work ready for firing. Then a visit to Purple Noon Gallery to pack down the show and take some work home. I did end up selling over half the exhibited works, so very happy with that!
Quick change at home then back to Thornleigh to take part in the opening night. Despite the cold, a good turn out of regular and new visitors.

Colour of the Year display at NSCG Opening
NSCG pretty much took up the rest of the week - worked both the Friday and the Saturday. The days were long, but spent catching up with talented artisans and seeing a lot of beautiful work. I bought a couple of pottery pieces by Leigh Bampton  and Gillian Dodds.
Rachelle Juter, Jeweller

Nicky Coady, Potter
Show was packed up on the Sunday, and yes I did sell a couple of pieces so it was a worthwhile investment of time.

Coming up - a weekend away!
and after that the opening of Australian Miniature Art Awards at Willoughby, Friday 18th July 6.30pm
Hawkesbury Artists & Artisans Trail Art Market Saturday 19 July

As an end note, I would like to recommend a couple of companies to you:

McClains Printmaking Supplies - brilliant service and very quick postage, and where I buy Resingrave, synthetic wood engraving blocks.

The Sydney Canvas Company - very quick to make up custom sized canvas, and I really appreciate the careful delivery - my driveway and shed can be a bit daunting for some.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Artist's Diary, Week ending 29 June 2014

In a haze of 'busyness' at the moment. Thank goodness for diaries. I keep my phone up to date, but I cant think straight without my desk diary - sometimes I have misplaced it and I risk total brain meltdown.

"Voyeur"  20" x 16", Acrylic.
I finished a painting for Purple Noon Gallery at the start of the week - we needed a replacement fast for a painting sold out of the exhibition. Entitled "Voyeur", it is a garden scene of bathing firetail finches being watched by a wall mounted gargoyle.

I also needed some framing in a hurry. Luckily, Purple Noon Gallery can also provide! And Carl (brilliant artist and part time framer Carl Stringfellow), shared timtams, so my Wednesday was set.

Printing more of the wood engraving edition
"Sleeping Tiger"
Wednesday was also the day my painting was delivered the Art Gallery of NSW to be entered into the Wynne Prize. It was an extremely windy day so I was imagining the canvas sailing over Sydney harbour like a large multicoloured kite, hopefully not with my father in law still holding on to it.

I picked up my sculpture from the Hawkesbury Community Arts Workshop. "Lady with Beehive" will eventually take pride of place on the verandah, but I may wait a while until our 7 month dalmatian isnt quite so rambunctious. Several years people tell me.

"Lady with Beehive"
A meeting with the Hawkesbury Artists & Artisans Trail. A "pop up" market is being planned for 19 July, Richmond, Sydney.

The weekend was spent at "Willandra", the historic house that the Ryde Art Society call home. I taught a painting workshop there and encouraged bold colour and even bolder brushstrokes. I was delighted with the works that were being produced.

The weekend got even better when I was told that I had been awarded at Highly Commended for one of my paintings at the Camberwell Rotary Art Show! Hoping for some sales also to be the icing on the cake.

John Klein
Toni Pratley, Rosemary Keegan, Phil Budge, Jan, Dawn,
Toni Courtelis, John Klein

Finished works this week
1 Painting
2 engravings
1 sculpture
Coming up this week:

Drummoyne Art Show

North Shore Craft Group 4 day exhibition at Thornleigh (Sydney)

Monday, June 23, 2014

Artists Diary week ending 22 June 2014

I think I must have been needing a break after the opening of the Open Garden exhibition - I feel like I achieved very little this week.

One of the pitfalls in entering art shows/prizes is that you feel like you cannot miss any of them and there is a frantic scramble to finish new work for every deadline. But you know what? YOU DONT HAVE TO. That is my advice to myself this week, and I actually finished reading a novel, and thought about printmaking (which is my more time consuming work that I need to slow down for).

The Art Fair opened at The Hawkesbury Regional Gallery on Friday - and we were all busting to be there and have a look to see how local artists were going to be treated there. Well, I can say with pride that it looks fantastic. How the organisers hung such a huge collection of works each in their own group so well, I don't know. But each Community art group were treated with respect and were showcased beautifully on the Gallery walls. It was lovely to go to the opening and feel like the Regional Gallery was well and truly "ours". I hope it will be become an annual event, that we will eagerly anticpate. So if you are in the Windsor (Sydney) region, please go and visit, and support us.

I went to a meeting with the Hawkesbury Printmakers Inc, and we discussed how best to utilise the group in the future. Looking forward to some workshops and open print days in the coming months.

I spent most of Sunday being resident artist at Purple Noon Gallery. I am one painting shy of selling half the exhibition! 8 more visiting days to go!

Here are a couple of engravings worked on and a new still life painting (orchids)

The busy coming weeks are looming, so maybe the holiday is over and its time to get back to it!

Coming up - Teaching a 2 day Acrylic Painting Workshop at Ryde Art Society 28-29 June

Opening of Camberwell Rotary Art Show 28 June

North Shore Craft Group July exhibition 3 - 6 July

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Artist's Diary - Week Ending 15 June 2014

 The week started with a painting demonstration for Nepean Art Society. I was a bit rushed at first because I got lost (left my directions at home!) but all went well, and I believe it was enjoyed by the members who braved the wet weather that night.

Checking out the brushstrokes

 A meeting at The Ferry Artists Gallery on Tuesday. The centre is looking wonderful with its new supermarket and coffee shop, and we look forward to an increase in visitors in the coming months. The next exhibition there will be a special "All works on wall under $360" called "Wall to Wall", so I have to have a think about what I might be putting in there.

I love getting parcels
The Post Office was visited. exciting because I not only sent my work to Umbrella Studio Contemporary Arts (Townsville)  for their exhibition & exchange "Compact Prints 2014"  ,  but I also received my orders from McClain's Printmaking Supplies - some Resingrave, a wood engraving substitute for wood; and 3" square maple blocks from Art Boards. Now to get planning my prints!

A meeting with a potential client for a commission, Then Bubblewrap Prints and Clay cupcakes were on the agenda for the classes at Hawkesbury Community Arts Workshop, then a quick trip to the airport to deliver a loved one to a plane. (A quick trip for me is an hour and a half drive!).

Painting delivered to the Hawkesbury Regional Gallery for their upcoming Art Fair, opening on Friday 20th June 6pm

works in progress
Saturday was a lovely sunny afternoon spent giving a painting demonstration to new friends at Oatley 101Society of Artists. I am looking forward to finishing these two in the near future.
Sunday spent at Purple Noon Gallery talking with visitors and generally relaxing really.
Purple Noon Gallery, Freemans Reach
Coming up:

"Open Garden" at Purple Noon Gallery still on until 2 July, I will be "in residence" again on the Sunday 22nd June

Hawkesbury Regional Gallery Art Fair Opens 20 June

Camberwell Gala Arts Preview Saturday 28 June

Workshop with Ryde Art Society 28-29 June