Monday, February 04, 2019

Best of 2018 - Results are in!

Thankyou to those who took part in my poll where I was interested to know YOUR favourite works that I created in 2018.

Here they are  - in order of popularity:

"Hillside 32"





125 x 125cm
Available from
19 Karen Contemporary Artspace

"Chasing The Winter Sun"


"Where I Saw Pardalotes"

80 x 80cm
Available from Thom Gallery


95 x 95 cm
Available from Purple Noon Gallery


66 x 66 cm
Available from Rochfort Gallery

"I Meditate upon the Mountain Trail"


"Beyond The Blue Hills"


"The Afternoon Slipped Away"


Most interesting that they were all landscapes - many florals were painting in 2018 also, and popular with sales; but my love of local Hawkesbury landscape must show through.

Monday, January 28, 2019

Hanging Out With Creatives

Last weekend I had a very busy and enjoyable time visiting other artists in their shows/studios/social gatherings.

I dont usually get the chance to do this as I live a fair way away from most events and I work in the family business when Im not teaching or painting alone in the studio.

It reminded me how nice it is to spend time with creatives, theres usually a shared camaraderie and a touch of "madness" thrown in for good measure. 

There is also the fact that your presence is very much appreciated at events such as open exhibitions.

Some of the outings I was lucky to attend on the weekend
 Every artist-craftsperson needs a responsive   audience.

 And you can make and be with some very good   friends who can "speak your language".

This weekend, in NYC

Something that is happening this weekend that I cannot attend unfortunately, is the 
Surtex Annual Trade Show for the Surface Design Industry. 

I am represented by Australian agents Artshine and I am excited and hopeful that my paintings as surface design will pique some company's interest.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Starting the Year with a celebration of 2018

Every year I compile a page with most of the works I have created in the previous year. In 2018 thats over 744 completed paintings and prints.

This is usually the best way to see a large body of my work in one place - I also give and encourage the opportunity for you to choose your favourites.


I am sorry it may be a little small on a phone screen - I have yet to properly work out how to optimise for small devices correctly.

Thankyou in advance. I plan to put the results up in February.

In the meantime here is my first painting for 2019.

As yet untitled and still on the easel in case I decide it needs more work, it is of a local view in the Hawkesbury area I can walk to when I'm feeling fit. (About an hour and half round trip).

"Yet to be named"
Acrylic on Canvas, 92cm x 76cm