Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Opal and the Axe

Had a wedding anniversary this week. We both chose our presents - apart from being very pleased with mine! - how lovely that they are both handcrafted pieces from Sydney craftsmen.
An opal and silver ring from jeweller Rachelle Juter, and a tomahawk made from a railway spike from blacksmith Wayne Wagstaff.

Picked up unsold paintings from Balmain Art & Craft Fair (sold one!). I hear they were pretty happy with the show. Also had more works framed at The Art Scene for some coming shows.

Delivered work to Blacktown Art Prize in Friday's 43 C degree heat. Will have to wait and see if they are accepted. I also delivered finalist work to the Hornsby Art Prize on the Sunday.

Patricia Devine with her work (on wall)

I was an official person of importance on Saturday night. Was very honoured to be asked to open the exhibition of lovely artist friends (including my mother). I hope my speech wasnt too vague. I go into performance mode and end up  not remembering a word that I said. It is a great show and is currently on at Purple Noon Gallery.

I managed to get a little painting done - most dissatisfied that I havent finished one for a couple of weeks. I suppose I have had a visitor from Overseas, so thats some sort of excuse.

Works currently in progress

Coming up:

Demonstration of painting at Drummoyne Art Society Wednesday 19 November, 7.30pm

Hornsby Art Prize Opens

Ku-Ring-Gai Wildflower Gardens Visitors Centre Opens

North Shore Craft Group Christmas Show (I dont have work there this year, but always great show!)

ASMA Miniature Exhibition opens at Salerno Gallery, (again, I dont have work here, but I AM the publicity officer so I'd best mention it! Im looking forward to visiting,)

Just to remind you of the coming season!
Centrepiece made by one of  my classes at Community Arts Workshop

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