Monday, June 02, 2014

Artists Week Ending 1 June 2014

Winter is now officially here! Not that we'd know it. The weather has been glorious, but no rain for weeks, except for Sunday, when I would rather it wouldnt have..

The week started with a painting rejected from an Art Prize I have previously been in. Oh well, there is a lot of competition out there. I am a finalist in something else which I am not at liberty to announce till later, so I didnt take it particularly badly.

Mixing Derivan Block Printing Ink
Tuesday taught a marvellous Printmaking workshop at the Derivan Matisse HQ. Aptly termed a "Crash Course in Printmaking" as we covered collagraph (foilography), drypoint & reduction linocut all in one day. All the students (art teachers themselves) were very talented and up to the challenge I am happy to say. For more photos see the Derivan Facebook page.

Working on mosaic table
Taught a couple of classes on Thursday - we made clay cupcakes and started on the final stages of the mosaic table. Thank goodness I had my mother to help me - it is a big project.

A quick visit to the couriers to send on a painting to Brisbane.

Friday I gave a demonstration in painting at the Bankstown Art Society. There was cake. I was very happy about that. And the members were very nice also. I started one work and worked on another.

Picked up my framed pieces for my upcoming show. Managed to fit 11 (most of them large) works into the back of the hatchback. Just one more painting needed to be finished so I spent the whole of Saturday and the early hours of Sunday completing it.

I have managed 30 works in all for "Open Garden". I am not sure how many will actually be in the show. I hope if you are in Sydney you can come along. I will be making up a web page of the exhibition regardless for you to 'visit'.
"Garden at Milbrooke"

"Tawny Crowned Honeyeater"

Sunday comes around and after church and a family lunch I race off to The Ferry Artists to pick up a couple of works and plan to come back, load up the car and deliver all works to Purple Noon Gallery.
Did I say it rained that day? After weeks of no rain? The roof in the studio decided to spring ANOTHER leak and it had rained on my last and largest work. I believe bad language issued from my mouth. A lot of language.

I have brought the painting into the house to dry out thoroughly to see if it can be resurrected in time for the exhibition. We shall see...

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