Monday, June 09, 2014

Artists Diary - week ending 8 June 2014

A Week of Waiting.

Mainly for my show at the end of the week, but it turned out to be a lot of waiting in hospital rooms whilst I kept a family member company waiting for results/beds etc. All will be well.

Face Goblets
Monday I delivered work (mine and artists Julie Simmons & Judy Brownlie) to the Royal Art Society NSW for their coming group show "Elements" opening on the Friday night.

Nature & Found Object Printing
Thursday was spent at Community Arts Workshop Hawkesbury, teaching.

Saturday was the awaited for Opening Night of my solo show "Open Garden". It was a marvelous night, I was so proud of how well the work suited the walls at Purple Noon Gallery - Very warm and welcoming, and Robyn Williams and artist Judy Brownlie gave lovely speeches. I also am most thankful that people travelled quite a long way to attend. It was very much appreciated. - If you ever want to support an artist, dont worry if you can buy any of their work, try and go to their show events and you will give them a boost just by being there.

My paintings with sculptures by Lucy McEachern in foreground

Sunday I spent (when not at the hospital) time at Purple Noon Gallery as "Artist in Residence" - I will also be there the next 2 coming Sundays, so feel free to come say hi. I did start to do some painting, but I was not really ready to put paint to canvas, so I was happy to chat to visitors instead.

For those who are not able to attend the exhibition - or you need an online peek - please visit my website page OPEN GARDEN Online Gallery

Opening Night at Purple Noon Gallery
L-R, Patricia Devine, Mellissa Read-Devine, Judy Brownlie, Robyn Williams

 Coming up -

Painting demonstration at Nepean Art Society, Monday 9 June 7pm

Painting demonstration at Oatley 101, Saturday 14 June 2pm

Lethbridge 10000 Opens Saturday 14 June 6pm (Im a finalist!)

Hawkesbury Regional Gallery Art Fair Opens 20 June

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