Sunday, July 27, 2014

Artists Diary Week Ending 27 July 2014

Dave Thurston's "Wom-Man"
along the Putty Road
No! The last weekend of July? Gadzooks.

I have completed 10 works this month so far.

Started the week zombie-like staring at computer screen and entering my financials for the quarter. I like to pay my tax quarterly, because I wouldnt be able to cope otherwise. However, the financial year is also ended and I need to get my info to the accountant. And I think my program is weird and will not print what I require, so....more work.....later.

Had a lovely drive with my dearest to Singleton and back (ok, probably better places to go, but it was nice all the same). Had to pick up my work and other artists' - I managed to put 12 paintings in my hatchback, and most of them a fair size. Glad I quite like jigsaws.

Thursday's Clay classes

Went to Mosman the next day with my mother, and we picked up (rejected) works for 3 artists, myself included. Shame we couldn't see the exhibition - it hadn't yet opened. Lovely lunch and wandering through a few shops instead.

Pastel study of Laura

Portrait Day on Saturday. Daughter #2 kindly agreed to sit for us. I actually found it quite challenging, maybe because I know her face so well, but not well enough to portray, if that makes sense.

Worked on MANY paintings this week (about 11 I think), and I finished 3. I have picked up another commission and I have another show coming up - a 'little sister' to the one I had at Purple Noon Gallery, and although some of the same works will be in the show, I would rather have new ones. The show is called "Springsong" and will be at Breathing Colours Gallery in Balmain end of August.
Some works in progress

Coming up - part of a group show at Ferry Artists Gallery August 9 "Wall to Wall" - all works under $360

Garden Study
Acrylic, 30cm sq 

The Year of Release
Acrylic, 60cm sq

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