Sunday, July 20, 2014

Artist Diary week ending 20 July 2014

Garden Study 30cm sq

Managed to actually get painting again this week - 3 little garden paint sketches, and I have started on a couple of larger pieces.

Visited an artist friend Julie Simmons to  give her some works to deliver to Singleton. Julie is an accomplished watercolourist (as well as other media), she also keeps a blog.

Borrowing a ute to pick up from Art Gallery NSW
Not one, but 2 rejections! Ah well, that's how it rolls. These were prestigious shows with hundreds of entries so I'm not too fussed, I have been progressing in my art journey of 17 years very well so far - Have been a finalist in many big shows and have won a few prizes, so onward and upward!

 My advice to any artist out there who want to stay in the business for the long haul, 
is to develop a thick skin (I know, its a hard ask), and keep putting yourself out there. If your work is of a good standard, you have as much chance as many others. Treat it like a lottery ;)

Clay tiles and Glazing at the Hawkesbury Community Arts Workshop - wished I remembered to take some pics. Lovely work happening with my students.

Friday night went to the opening of the Australian Miniature Art Association's annual awards. I had 3 wood engravings selected to be hung, so had all the more reason to go. It is a wonderful show. Remember your reading glasses (I didn't!), and you will have a greater appreciation of artwork in miniature. The show is still on this week and until 2 August.

Great attendance at the Opening Night of ASMA (NSW), Willoughby Art Centre
Saturday was the Hawkesbury Artists & Artisans Trail Art Market held in Richmond. Lots of lovely stalls of beautiful creations, and a good opportunity to catch up with trail members. The Open Studio weekend is a coming soon - end of August.

Standing with Deidre Morrison, artist and proprietor of Richmond Art Supplies

Garden Study 30cm sq
Garden Study 30cm sq

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