Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Artist as Optimist

If you manage to get over crippling self doubt and enter art prizes, congratulations! You have earned the Finalist Rank of Optimist. It doesnt matter what happens afterwards, you are already a winner. Of sorts.

I love the heady atmosphere of the Art Gallery of NSW as the artists make their annual pilgrimage to the loading dock and present their assorted art works - some painstakingly laboured over, some splashed together with perhaps sarcastic yet hopeful bravado.

I was there, with my Wynne prize entry (landscape). The thoughts - is it too small, too bright, too pretty, too realistic, not loose enough, will it get looked at (for more than 3 seconds). It doesnt matter, its the entering that counts here, and one year I may start entering works for the Archibald as well - once I get over my self consciousness about requesting to paint someones portrait. There's the Sulman as well - genre or mural painting - I didnt have anything big enough for that one.

Let me show you my painting for the week (no not my Wynne entry - I would prefer to show you once it is a finalist! LOL)

"Emu Wren" Acrylic on board, 30x30cm

I had a busy day at the Deerubbin Centre for their birthday celebrations recently. I was representing the Ferry Artists Inc. along with marvelous potter Nicky Coady. Lots of local groups involved - including Hawkesbury Printmakers, The Piggery Lane Studios, The Hawkesbury Camera Club, & many more that I cant recall just now.

Last week was Portrait Day at Hawkesbury Community Arts Workshop. I think I was trying too hard to capture the likeness of our pretty Indian Princess to actually paint properly, if that makes sense to you.

Some exhibitions coming up - check out the link on my exhibitions page HERE.

Stay warm (if its cold where you are). Cheers.

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