Monday, June 08, 2015


I thought Id just write about the current show I have on at Breathing Colours - even though there's lots more happening in my art life. (For other shows and galleries please look on my web page)

Patricia and I are SO glad that the exhibition is hung and all we have to do now is smile

Feeling very pleased with the show now that it's hanging and has officially opened (finishes 14 June to there is still time!). Over 30 paintings, large scale acrylics and tiny mixed media miniatures, there is something for everyone who loves a bird on the wall.

"It Figures" Patricia Devine

The opening was marvellous, a BIG thankyou to all who came and supported us. Thankyou also to the team at Breathing Colours. I believe artists still need galleries; it is so nice (for artist and collector alike) to see the works on the wall and I love any excuse to go visit Balmain.
"Sheryl Crow" Patricia Devine

Laura & Patricia Devine
If you cannot come and see the show, go and see the Breathing Colours site and have a look at the catalogue. It does not do justice however to the smaller works by Patricia Devine, there is so much detail and texture in them. Patricia has a background in miniatures & botanical art, and her current works are a reflection of this.You will see hand dyed papers, ephemera, teabags, feathers, sewing and even paint!
Its funny, I never wanted to be a painter when I was in my 20s as that was "something Mum did". But there must be something in genes and/or upbringing huh? My paintings now tend to be a bit louder and splashier than Mums, but the quiet elegance I grew up with may come out in my wood engravings. - None of them made it to the show, because as usual, I was pressed for time.

"A New Career" Mellissa Read-Devine

"Ephemera III" Patricia Devine

"The Inheritance" Mellissa Read-Devine

"Pageant" Mellissa Read-Devine

Thankyou all, and now its time to get painting again...

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