Sunday, September 21, 2014

Artists Diary week ending 21 September 2014

Sniffles & Black Looks

Despite having succumbed to a cold virus - which is a weird one - great one day, revolting the next; life goes on and I managed to survive the week well.

Visits to The Art Scene for framing , and deliveries to The Greenhouse Gallery, Galston (twice!) this week.

Greenhouse Gallery
Theres my painting - on the easel!

The classes experienced Coils of clay at the Community Arts Workshop.

Allowed myself some playtime and attended a workshop with the talented Jody Graham. We draw with all manner of items - tennis balls, pieces of wood, scrunched up bits of masking tape, as well as more the traditional charcoal, ink, collage, paint and stencils.

Jody Graham
Please visit her website and check out her beautiful works
Was lucky enough to be attending class with my mum.
Here's a picture I should entitle "Mum's Black Look",
which I'll probably be getting when she sees Ive posted this here :D
I was so inspired I went home and actually finished a couple of pieces I started there. A nice progression of being inspired by the unfamiliar (materials & using black!) and the familiar (my own painting process and some brighter colour).

"Nature Morte Aux Banksia"
"Old Man"
I also visited Breathing Colours for the opening of the new group show "Cant Wait for Summer". Some very nice works there (including my own :-).

Myself, Gabby Malpas, Kirana Haag, Julie Simmons, & John Klein.

Gabby photobombing my photo, the dip was very good.

 So the week's tally was 5 pieces worked on with 3 finished

Works in Progress

"Cowra Japanese Garden", Acrylic 24"x60"

Coming up - the Parramatta Art Society
Foundation Week Open Art Awards
3 - 12 th October 2014

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