Sunday, April 27, 2014

Artists Week ending 27 April 2014

I had another lovely day spent painting at the Easter Show at the Derivan Matisse Stand. 
Hopefully I will have these paintings finished in time for my solo show in June.

Painting alongside artist Donna Gilbertson 
Teaching on Thursday

Clay sculpture class work
Portrait Day on Saturday at Hawkesbury Community Arts Workshop.
As usual I race around my studio in the morning looking for something to paint with and on - you would think that would be easy, but every canvas I have are allocated to certain future paintings. I really must invest some time into making some canvas covered panels. Or buy some...

Using charcoal to draw and washes of acrylic for a more 'watercolour' feel, I really enjoyed the process. Thankyou to Graham, our model of the month.

Then straight to Camden to deliver works for their upcoming Art Show.
 A very organised intake process I must say with a table to check the size and backs of paintings, another table to check the label and entry, and yet another to check off the category.

A visit to the Showgrounds to pick up unsold works, 
and a good excuse to catch up with artists I havent seen for a while.

Next week

Im off to the Gold Coast for the opening of "Tribute to Michael Jackson Film Clips", a collaboration with 19 Karen Contemporary Artspace and the Sofitel Broadbeach. I even bought a sequined glove for the occasion!

Also,  showing will be the Camden Art Prize and the Winmalee ArtFest. for those in Sydney.

Newest painting "Pigeon Salad"

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