Monday, April 21, 2014

Artists Week ending 21 April 2014

Ok, so I cheated. This week ended on the Monday as it was a public holiday and everyone treats it like a long weekend anyway.

What a fabulous week! The weather here in Sydney was glorious, and there was lots of relaxation to be had because of the allotted holidays due the Easter weekend. 

Spending a day working at the Ferry Artists Gallery

I would like to take a moment to wish retrospectively that you all had a peaceful time with loved ones and spared a moment of contemplation of what is Easter to you.

Easter play at my church

The Sydney Royal Easter Show is in full swing! I missed the Royal visit on Good Friday but on the Tuesday I was fortunate to be at the Derivan Matisse stand using their luscious acrylics and met a fellow artist Jody Graham with whom the day was spend marvelously.

Jody Graham at the Derivan Matisse stand
unfinished works
What else did I get up to? I dyed parts of my hair fuschia, spent a day working at The Ferry Artists Gallery, Wisemans Ferry, and embarked on yet more unfinished paintings. Finished two! 

The deadline for my solo exhibition early June loometh.

Backyard at Windsor 76cm sq
Two Guineas, 46cm sq

Coming up? I'll be spending another day painting at the Easter Show on Wednesday. Come and say hi!

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