Sunday, March 23, 2014

Artist's Week ending 23 March 2014


Went to see "The Monuments Men"with my husband the other day. What a great combination of art and military - something for both of us! Great cast - also a couple of non American heros, Jean Dujardin being my favourite; and Cate Blanchet being brilliant as usual. It didn't rate well with the review but I thought it an enjoyable movie nonetheless.

Had a bit of a problem with work being couriered to a show (Port Stephens) this week. Lesson learnt: LABEL EVERYTHING! Oh well, the wasted entry fee can go into promoting art in the local community.

I delivered my work to Castle Hill Showgrounds for their Agricultural Show next week. And then I when to visit the artisans at Oakhill College for the annual "Art in the Hills". I was most chuffed to find that all three of my paintings had sold.

Garden Study 1, 23cm sq

Went photographing some gardens after church on Sunday - still lots to paint and print before my solo show end of May - the theme is "Gardens".

3 Paintings finished this week, and a linocut proofed and ready to edition after a bit more cutting.

Garden Study 2, 23cm sq

"Puparazzi" 92cm sq
Special exhibition at 19 Karen Gallery
"Tribute to MJ's 10 Best Filmclips"

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