Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Artist week ending March 9 2014

Spent the Monday driving back from Queensland so the rest of my week has sort of been a 'catch up' after the holiday. Lots of paperwork to do, not to mention household chores - which I valiantly ignored as much as possible.

Thursday was well spent teaching a clay workshop with lovely people from Flintwood. We embossed &
 made marks on slabs then cut them into tiles for a future project. I have inherited this project from a previous teacher, and it is a bit of a challenge to take on someone elses vision. But one that I look forward to nevertheless.

Next week will be a show run by the Friends of the Hawkesbury Art Collection. Called "Acquisitive", it is held at the Stan Stevens Studio at the Deerrubbin Centre, Windsor. 14 - 16 March I will have 3 works there.

I am also looking forward to a weekend clay sculpting workshop tutored by Alan Somerville, amazing artist and sculptor.

Anyway, the new week has well and truly started, so I will leave this post with a piece I am still in the process of painting.

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