Monday, March 31, 2014

Artists Diary week ending March 30 2014

6"x 4"
6" x 4"
2 Prints, 2 Paintings, 1 Portrait, A meeting, A movie, 2 Deliveries and an award.

I started and ended the week with linocuts. One that will go to Ferry Artists Gallery for their "Artistic Heritage of the Hawkesbury" exhibition, and the other to The Royal Art Society NSW for their interiors exhibition.
 A meeting was attended. The Hawkesbury Artists & Artisan's Trail has been running annually for several years now with an Open Studio Weekend in August. Due to a race being held on the river near me, it is never worth me opening my studio then, but I have a couple of venues to hang out at - Ill keep you posted.

Paintings were delivered to the Sydney Royal Easter Show and the Parramatta Art Society Show at Winston Hills Shopping Centre; and I was very pleased to hear I got a Highly Commended for a drawing at the Castle Hill Show.

Portrait Day at Community Arts Workshop, Richmond was an enjoyable one with Rachel of the beautiful red hair. I did end up with a sketch I pleased with , but I am afraid my Rachel was but a pale imitation of life.

This week's movie was "Noah". I was looking forward to a more gritty & realistic version of Sunday School's happy animal couples and their keepers. Some moments of brilliance - always love Rusty and Mr Anthony Hopkins, but I was a little perplexed at some of the story line. I feel like the way out concepts were cut down so as to not antagonise the good people of faith, but was it too much of trying to please everyone?.  As a person of faith myself, I did enjoy references to biblical content that dont usually get mentioned; there were a lot of "green" messages- vegetarians should also be happy, and the perpetual dilemma of mankind's dark side brought up some good philosphical questions.

2 Paintings finished this week!
"Nouvelle Cuisine"
on exhibition at Ferry Artists Gallery

"Times of Abundance"
30" square
Held for  future exhibition
 And here is a  pic of a new piece on the easel. See if you can guess what it might become.

Coming up next week:

Winston Hills Shopping Centre Exhibition
Talk on Social Media (with Julie Simmons) at Castle Hill Art Society
Opening of Interiors Exhibition, Royal Art Society NSW
Opening of Exhibition Ferry Artists Gallery

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