Monday, May 12, 2014

Artists Week - Ending 11 May 2014

I have only just had a chance to get on the computer after a busy Sunday. It was Mother's Day, and as I am one, and I have one, it was a lovely time spent with loved ones. I hope you were all as blessed. Right now I am compiling this whilst eating Darrell Lea chocolate covered ginger I recieved; oh and watching the rerun of the Eurovision Song Contest too. - Apart from the talent and spectacle - how about the amazing set and lighting!

Superb Lyrebird
Monday I took a drive up to the lovely Hunter Valley to pick up some paintings for myself and fellow artist Julie Simmons. I took the scenic drive going there and I was so excited to see an actual lyrebird cross the road! Id never managed to see one before.

Tuesday was a meeting with the Hawkesbury Artists & Artisans Trail. I am going to share with pastellist Taryn Malzard for the open studio weekend in August

Had a particularly busy day teaching on Thursday - my new second class was bigger than expected and I was running out of clay which was a bit stressful - also there was a misunderstanding with the timing - I had planned for 1 hour and the centre planned for 2 hours. Phew! All sorted now, and I look forward to seeing them again in a fortnight.

Friday, I attended the Hunters Hill Art Show with Julie Simmons and her husband Neville. I was very happy to have my work hanging there. And marvellous to give an appreciative whoohoo! when Julie took the stage for her 1st prize in watercolour. No photos as it was a day I forgot the phone, but here is Julie's blog
Saturday, spent most of it in a furry teddybear onesie. Definitely no photo of that! I managed to do quite a bit of painting. The highlight of the day was when I had to drive my daughter up the road so she could collect her horse - then when I got back, I had to get out of the car (still in onesie) to open the temporary gate erected that neighbours had put over my driveway to stop their cows from escaping up the driveway.

Saturday night I thought I'd better get dressed to go to look after the Art Exhibit at the Hawkesbury Show. How nice it was to find I'd received a Highly Commended for both a miniature and a drawing, and sold a linocut. I truly think that the quality of the art section entries are getting better every year. Just what I need - more competition! ;-)

Exhibits at the Hawkesbury Show
Roses and Childrens Art
 So, another week gone and what is the creativity tally? 2 completed and 3 works in progress.

Looking forward to the Tara School For Girls "Great Day Out" and their Art Exhibition 16 & 17 May

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