Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mosaic Mural

Since the Health Retreat is overlooking the Hawkesbury River, I decided not to go the traditional 'pool/water theme' (as the mural is in the indoor pool house); rather I wanted to bring some of the local beauty in.

Looking over the river to Sackville

It works out nicely that the works I am painting for my exhibition are of the local landscape. So with the two projects in mind I set out and painted two large canvases of the river view.

These will form the basis for the mural.
The pool has a great wall - behind which the change rooms will be; I plan 6 panels, each 190cm High x 90cm wide. I have the cement sheeting, I have ordered the tiles, I have use of an air conditioned office (most important!) and I have a supply of willing? hands to help out. So looking forward to this.

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