Sunday, December 23, 2018

Christmas Eve and All is Well (well despite Internet lowlifes)

Monday morning - also Christmas Eve, i am delighted to be on holidays. Just lying around considering whether to spend time in the studio or indulge in sloth.
Get a message from a friend asking me why I have deleted my Instagram Account.

PANIC!! I jump out of bed and spend the rest of the morning sending emails, codes, photos, etc to the required authorities. And Ive only just settled down. @readdevine still isnt reactivated but Im hoping I can prove I am me after the holiday downtime. Sigh. I had someone changing my instagram email address and username the other week, and after changing EVERY password and app access I ever knew I thought I was in the clear. It seems not so.

So the moral of the story is - well Im not sure - change your passwords, yes. Get as much security you can (Insta security protocols dont really seem that secure - there are so many more checks via Facebook - and I thought they were owned by FB?) Handy to have a picture of your own face in your Insta feed so you can prove who you are. Listen to your friends. And be a friend if you see weird stuff happening on their pages.

I have an emergency insta account that is my full name without the hyphen, if I have to stick with that, it will fill up with images soon enough. Sad if I lose my several thousand followers though.

Peace and Forgiveness....

Time for another mince pie.

Oh and picture time! Here is a recent painting I completed. Acrylic on Canvas 92cm x 76cm I have called it "Adornment" as all those bush flowers really are decorating the rock wall big time.

Have a blessed Christmas Season no matter how and if you celebrate it.


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