Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Beginning and The End

Actually I write this at the beginning of 2016 when I meant to write it at the end of 2015. But the years meld so well together these days, its not going matter!

"Cicada Landscape" 61 x 152 cm acrylic, January 2015

2015 for me was a memorable year. It held for me the death of a friend, the birth of a niece and the wedding of a daughter. I thank God for His unending grace and His myriad blessings.

I have been very fortunate & successful in continuing my arts practice, with many group shows, sales & teaching gigs. Although I told myself to take a rest and have no solo shows, I took on no less than 3 duet shows, which are probably just as busy as solos! I also had works travel to Italy for a group show in Rome. Seventy-two assorted paintings drawings and prints created

As well as a continued great relationship with my galleries, I joined with 2 more. - Paper Pear gallery in Wagga Wagga, and Manyung Gallery in Melbourne. And all the galleries I am involved with have blessed me with sales. It is interesting to note that in a time when many galleries have closed down, and artists haved needed to move on to use self promoting websites, I have come to rely on the "bricks & mortar" businesses that have endured.

I took on a temporary title - President of the Ferry Artists Gallery. This is a community run gallery in Wisemans Ferry - a great and talented group of people. I personally think that the rest of the committee does the real work, and I just swan in and make the occasional speech, but I am honored that they want me to help out.

Another honor - and this is a personal milestone - was to be elevated to Associate at the Royal Art Society of NSW. I even get to put letters at the end of my name!

In 2016 I am available as a tutor in Acrylics at The Art School, Royal Art Society, Lavender Bay - Wednesdays. Term 1 starts 25 January for 10 weeks.
To book a place please call or email, 9955 5752. During the holiday break you can contact me for details if you like.

So, here's to a brilliant year ahead! I wish you health, good fortune and joy.

Mellissa Read-Devine ARAS

"Breathing Space" 92 x 167cm acrylic,  December 2015

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