Wednesday, October 21, 2015

No More Teenagers

Princess #2 turned 20 the other day. No more teenagers in the house. Just a husband, the usual dogs cats and visiting wildlife, and some young woman that I can lend money to on a regular basis..

I dont think I feel older. Probably in denial.

Anyway, a marvelous couple of weeks. Won a First Prize in the acrylic section at Parramatta Art Awards. The first art society (CPAS) I joined, when I arrived in Sydney in 1999, and the 2nd oldest Art Society in Australia apparently.

"Territory" with that artist Mellissa Read-Devine

Taught a workshop for Castle Hill Art Society. Enjoyed the students and their work immensely. And they want me back, which tells me I must have done something right.

A couple of deliveries to coming shows:

St.Thomas Art & Craft Fair - on this weekend.


Ryde Art Show - opens this Friday.

"Brighter Memories"

And of course, madly working away in order to hang finished works at Sassafras Creek Restaurant Gallery on Friday. Opens this Sunday!

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