Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Them's the Breaks

 HORRENDOUS pun mainly at my daughter's expense. I suppose the last couple of weeks Ive been a bit preoccupied with my teen-adult daughter's broken hand and helping her get to places etc. And the title also fits the fact that more show rejections have made their way into my inbox. Its ok, I will appreciate the opportunity to develop a thicker skin, and having some painting sales softens the blow to the ego quite a bit!

For the last two weeks I have been working on a still life - I know, its a garden. But it is ALSO a still life - see the potted succulents? Ive been wanting to do this painting since I started work for my garden exhibition a couple of years ago, but never really go into it until now. Off to Bowral for the Pirtek Still Life prize it went.

"In Situ" Acrylic on Canvas, 92cm square
 Then I thought I should challenge my eyesight somewhat with a teensy little scraperboard etching (scratchboard) for a coming miniature exhibition. Five centimetres across, using mainly a drypoint needle and a scalpel to scrape away the black pre inked surface. I am planning a double exhibition using this medium later in the year. Maybe I should be kind to myself and work on some larger pieces as well...

"Miyako" Scraperboard miniature
I managed to finish a little commission. Peewees or Magpie Larks are a smaller than our magpies and are common in suburbia and out of town alike. Love their busy long legs.

"Peewee" Acrylic on canvas, 30cm square
Whats on Now

Sponsored by Pirtek Southern Highlands
An exhibition of still life works in any media
24 July - 02 August
BDAS Gallery, 1 Short St Bowral 

Artshine Gallery, Darlinghurst

Whats Coming Soon

I also have a painting demonstration Wednesday night 5 August with Castle Hill Art Society. All Welcome.

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