Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Hard to pick a title for the week that was. Quite serious really. Other's experiences are far graver than mine especially for poor Nepal and those affected by floods etc in NSW.

Anyway, mine was marred by flooding caused by incredible rainfall and then by a small landslide next to my house. And THEN by lowlife thieves that stole wallets and other items from us  while we were staying at my father in law's property whilst waiting to move back to our home.

Living in our part of the countryside seemed so safe and idyllic..
There's my husband in the distance wading along our driveway
Very upsetting how close the landslide was to the house.
Only damage is to our clothesline...and to my peace of mind

That has pretty much taken up most of my week. I did manage to get out and about and spend time at the Hawkesbury Show. I was blessed with a first prize in printmaking for "Boy" and a commended for an abstract painting.

 And I did manage to finish a painting

Owls of The Granite Belt
51cm x 76cm
There is quite a lot coming up - hopefully the forecast rain will not be like last week.

Please see my website for information on whats coming up this weekend.

Fundraiser - Art For Heart
Winmalee High School Artfest
Hunter Valley Grammar Inspired
Bowen Mountain Arts Festival
The Lakes Christian School Autumn Fair

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