Monday, January 26, 2015

Pixel Pointilism

I recently had a discussion on Facebook, about how best to describe my work. I had always suggested it was "macro - pointillist" but decided it really didnt describe it sufficiently especially since pointillism is traditionally rounder dabs and dashes of paint, and sometimes my paintings are not pointillistic at all. I am influenced by so many styles and movements, like all contemporary artists - how could we not be with such a wealth of art history behind us. I think cubism is important, as is expressionism. So many "isms"! I will be content to mention impressionism as the major influence, and leave my work to explain the rest. Is there actually anything new in art styles these days?

I managed to finish a couple of works in the past week. The garden painting was started as a demonstration late last year, and I have eventually got round to finishing it.

acrylic (as yet untitled) 92cm x 61cm
 I also got round to reworking a painting I had completed last year. I had never really been satisfied with the background of "Duet" and now I can say I am! The original painting is in acrylic, and I reworked it with oils. As you can see the birds did not change a great deal.

"Duet 2" Oils on Canvas, 76cm square

Im off to see the last day of the CASS Art of Sydney Awards today. Looking forward to finally seeing all the works.

I will be a tutor in May for CASS - 1 - 2 day workshop in acrylics. Here is the flyer with all the tutors Book in soon!

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