Sunday, October 19, 2014

Mariachi & Rock n Roll

Looking back, I believe I fitted in quite a lot this week. Its amazing how you lose track of whats been happening - I have to write notes to myself in order to remember what I did at the start of the week!

On Monday I had a lovely visit from a bus full of Ryde Art Society Members, come to enjoy the area and visit my studio. I am very fortunate to be able to work from an old fruit packing shed - LOTS of room, and therefore more mess to clean up when I have visitors. Now I will be able to find things until the clutter builds up again.

I also had a meeting about promotion - a very important aspect of the professional artist's life.

Then a quick drive over the river to visit Purple Noon Gallery for some framing.

I finished a painting this week - I actually started this painting early 2013 when plein air painting in the wetlands down on my property. I'll be delivering this to a show in the coming week.

"The Hide"
Acrylic on Canvas, 40"x30"
Wednesday night saw me at the Paddington Art Prize. (Click on the link to see the winners).It was such a buzz to be a part of it. Saw old friends and new, and there is some great work to see if you are in Sydney for the next few days. Congratulations to all winners and finalists.

Me with "Pillars of the Earth", Paddington Art Prize
On delivery day to Macquarie Towns Arts Society, I don't know what happened to my brain. Couldn't find 2 of the works that I had set aside for the exhibition, so had to deliver what I had. I missed the opening for this one as I had other commitments, but its always a good show of local works.

At the workshop, it was glazing day, and then a drive to Art Scene to fix a damaged frame for a show next week.

Friday night was my time out with my husband. We were also fortunate to attend a cocktail party held by Accor Hotels for the Aztec Exhibition at the Sydney Museum. Accompanied by a mariachi band, we learnt a bit about Mexican/Aztec history and I enjoyed very much seeing the pottery & stone sculptures.
Sculpture of Xiuhtecuhtli (God of Fire and Guardian of Merchants). On loan from Museo del Templo Mayor.    Photographer:Michel Zabe Rights:© The Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia (INAH)]


Saturday was a huge day out at the Derivan Open Day. I did not have time to take photos of the day as I very busy teaching a workshop on colour mixing and linocuts etc, but I have some of the party afterwards. Being Derivan's 50th birthday, it was very fitting to have a fifties theme.

Some of the students work from my workshop

Friends, Cake and Dancing. A great night.
Did I rest on Sunday? NO, but after church I visited a photographer friend to look through her files for some future artworks, getting back to Richmond just in time to take down the paintings at the MTAS show.

I think Im ready for the next week now.

Paddington Art Prize still on

Fairfield Art Exhibition opens Friday

Ryde Art Exhibition opens Friday

St Thomas Art & Craft Show opens Friday


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