Monday, August 25, 2014

Artist Diary Week Ending 24 August

Singing & cups of tea

Despite the deluge I met up with Jeanette Starr of Little River Art Studios early in the week, delivering paintings for the coming weekend. We drank tea by the fire and considered the happy state of our water tanks. I will be teaching a workshop there in November. What a fabulous venue! Check out the list of tutors and consider a class in beautiful  Grose Wold. 

On Tuesday after picking up a VIP in my life from the airport, we stopped by Breathing Colours and checked out the now hung exhibition. What a great job was done, and to top it off I met a lovely family who had just purchased some of my paintings.

Had the most marvellous time in my clay class on Thursday. Just think raucous singing of  ABBA and Australian bush songs whilst painting clay cupcakes, and that will give you a glimpse.

More cups of tea were had, this time with Julie Simmons while we moved paintings and discussed the constant highs and lows of the artist's life.

Friday night delivered and set up at Taryn Malzard's studio The Old Grose Wold School House. I love this venue, and Taryn is a very talented artist and great company.

View from Janet Duff's Studio
 of The Old Schoohouse
Me painting in Taryn Malzard's studio

Not just any old iron, work by blacksmith Wayne Wagstaff
The Hawkesbury Artists & Artisans Trail was held on the weekend. An annual event where most member's studios are open to the public; a great opportunity to see the region and check out the local artists and their work. Although my studio was not open ( it was a bit out of the designated area), I was represented at Little River Art Studio, Purple Noon Gallery, and of course in situ at Taryns. It was a great weekend.

The official opening of "Springsong" was held on the Saturday. I decided to dress as close to the theme as possible, and was delighted that others felt inspired to do the same - and it wasnt even planned. Good times and quite successful too.
With fellow artist Julie Simmons in front of "Floriade"

Sunday I was rather tired. 

But I soldiered on, and met many more lovely people. I even checked out a couple of venues - bought some jewelry by A Farmers Daughter, and  knives hammered out of ancient railway bolts(!) by blacksmith Wayne Wagstaff of Art By Degrees.  And wound down the day with artists and families before I had to pack up the car and find my own neglected family.

Next week there is still time to see my show at Breathing Colours - I pack that up on the Sunday

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