Sunday, February 16, 2014

Artist's Week 16 February 2014

2 Movies

My daughter suggested a night out to celebrate Valentines Day, since my dearest is currently overseas.
I wanted to see "Winter's Tale" as I am quite partial to Colin Farrell, and the story intrigued me.

Well, the visuals were wonderful - but I couldnt help thinking about poor snowbound Americans in the weather they have been having lately. There was a flying horse. Who doesnt enjoy that? especially Colin Farrell on a flying horse. And Russell Crowe being brilliant as a thuggish demonic character. But the STORY was all over the place. I wanted to enjoy it and feel the emotion of the film, but my goodness.
I later read a review of the original book, and maybe the film makers did me a favour - the book is a whole heap more complicated - I have put it on the list to read though.

A much better movie was "Philomena". I was on the edge of my seat, the story was so good (and based on true events). Dame Judi Dench absolutely marvellous as usual. I really recommend this.


Had a lovely morning with the members & guests of Ryde Art Society. I demonstrated painting impressionistic gardens in acrylics. As I take at least a week to finish a painting due to layers and not wanting to muddy the colours; I showed how I start a painting, and then with another already started, worked on it for an hour explaining my process and plans on how I would finish the work. 
I didnt have the forethought to take photos I'm afraid. But I believe it went well.

Exhibition - Waterbrook Art Exhibition

I had a couple of paintings in the Waterbrook Art Exhibition that opening on Friday, the theme being "I love.." apt because it was Valentines Day. Great opening, lovely paintings and I am pleased to say I am friends with some of the winners. Some of their paintings HERE


I finished a couple of pieces this week, a 12"square acrylic of a superb parrot (thats what the bird is called, I'm not saying its that wonderful), and an 18" sq acrylic of a lyrebird which I entitled "Dance to Your Own Song". I also worked on 5 other pieces including the 2 at the demo. All in all, Im happy with a productive week.

Coming Up

Next week I have a painting demonstration with the Liverpool Art Society, this time I will try and remember to take photos.


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