Sunday, January 26, 2014

Artists Diary 26 January 2014

First of all, Happy Australia Day! Its been a huge week, husband home from overseas, daughter having wisdom teeth out and Ive had a birthday, which has seemed to have lasted all week, which has been lovely.


Sydney has been in arty party mode with the Sydney Festival. I stayed in town early in the week and admired the bouncy castle sculpture "Sacrilege", by Turner prize winning artist Jeremy Deller. No, I didnt indulge - I had meant to go the next morning, but it was temporarily deflated for repairs.
"Sacrilege" aptly installed in front of  St,Marys Cathedral
We visited the Spiegeltent and saw the show "Limbo" which was fantastic. "Dirty and Dangerous Circus Caberet" is the promoter's line. I have not visited the Sydney Festival before, and now I plan to get in early next year and book several tickets, and visit more venues.


We visited the Art Gallery of NSW to see the show "America" A survey of American painting. I liked it so much I bought the book! There are several American artists that I am not familiar with and I look forward to researching them online and maybe get to buy more books!


Went with the family to see "The Book Thief"  It was beautiful. I had read the book last year and the movie did not disappoint in any way. Definately several tissues worth of tears involved, I needed a quiet moment in the ladies loo afterwards to compose myself.


I didnt plan to review food (even though I find it a valid art form) on this blog, but I have to mention my visit to Lochiel House on Bells Line of Road, Kurrajong Heights. The Tasting Plate (about 5 courses) was a delight for the eyes and the tastebuds. I will go again.


Had a discussion with a gallery owner this week. Some interesting points were brought up regarding professional artists and their image online.
Basically it was suggested that online galleries and private online selling take the business away from ''bricks and mortar'' galleries and they are not good for the artist in the long run as they tend to be plastered all over the search engines in a non professional manner.
Personally I would much rather sell via a ''real'' gallery as there is a relationship between artist, gallery and buyer/collector; but this is not helpful for artists who do not have access to a good gallery.
What are your thoughts?
Is it possible to have too much exposure online and if it is of the wrong type, will it reflect badly on the professional image the artist is trying to build up?

Did I Actually Do Any Work This Week?

Not really, but Ive had a great week. Here is a taste of one of the Hillside series Ive been working on, and a pastel portrait created this week. Cheers.

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