Friday, April 05, 2013

The work is done, now the anxious wait

I delivered my 25 paintings to Breathing Colours today. BC is a little gallery on Darling Street between Rozelle & Balmain. It has the most wonderful jewellry pieces and quirky objects, as a well as a very nice exhibition space that is available to artists whose applications are accepted.

My exhibition will be hung on Monday and open to the public on Tuesday 9th April. Opening is on Wednesday night. Thats the anxious moment, when you wonder if a. will anyone turn up, and b. will anyone actually buy anything. All artists would tell you that the worst thing that can happen besides not selling anything, is that noone will turn up. ah, the angst is setting in already. I'll let you know.

Later into the exhibition I will post a link to an online gallery of the show.



Jennifer Martindale said...

Good luck and I hope the buyers flock!

Miss said...

thankyou,its been great.