Tuesday, February 02, 2010


 SUCH a long time sorting out those tiles (58 colours!) Thankyou to an ample supply of takeaway food boxes. Since I bought from 3 different suppliers, they all had to have new code numbers assigned, so alot of work there.

So many pretty colours!

All safely boxed up

I finally started yesterday. After sealing the sheets of fibre cement, I tentatively started the bottom part of the mural. I usually like to start in the middle, but because I was not sure of the measurements and I had an exact grid to work by I had to start at the waterline of the design. (So it will line up on all the panels).

Lucky I did, as I had a made a miscalculation with the mosaic program sizes. I will have to widen the design somewhat by cutting some of the tiles. - This will add size by the spaces in between the pieces. And look better too in my opinion!

Its a start!

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