Tuesday, June 20, 2006

"Sophie" has colour.
At night, when the rest of the family were lolling around in front of the telly I sat at my desk, labouriously hand colouring over 20 versions of this little scene. Mad I know, but I knew if I didnt do them all together, they would never get done. Played around with several colour schemes until I decided on this one.


Michael Fraley said...

Great work. How large is this piece? It has just the right amount of detail, and looks as natural as a pen and ink drawing.


Miss said...

thankyou, its about 11cm x 9 cm if I can remember offhand, that is - about 4.5"x3.5"

Gef said...

Yes that sure is true. BTW did you see my new pup from Darksky Alaskan Malamutes? He's a real spunk.
Have a great one